Summertime is the Perfect Time ... to Organize


We just wrapped up the weird-circumstance vacation to end all vacations (Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico. Check, check, and check.) to come home and run straight into reality. The reality of stuff. Because when you travel for an extended dance mix of time, you must travel light(ish)…and you start to really realize how little you actually need, or use, or even want.

I realized this yesterday, as I walked back into the toy graveyard that is Harry’s room, and found it was not the homecoming I was hoping for.  A few hours later, I got back in the car and headed to Home Depot.

And I found the answer.



And more bins.

Seriously, these bins are saving my sanity. I know this sounds dramatic, but in actuality, it’s completely true.

Just putting the toys into four categories and getting the folding clothes put away under the books. Huge. Giant. My son can actually find things now … and dress himself.

This was all so simple and yet so transformative. Building his room with his participation. And building his room where everything is on his level. And in a bin.

It’s made me want to rethink the way a lot of things are organized around here. I’m on a roll.

More tomorrow.

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