Super Salads To Start The New Year Right!


Happy New Year! If you’re like me, you seriously slacked off during November and December when it comes to health and nutrition. It’s a new year and time for a healthy kick start! These salads will not only help you keep your New Year’s resolutions to be healthier, but they will also satisfy your taste buds and fill up your belly. They’re all great for serving a big salad as a main course, or as a side salad alongside your favorite roast protein! So dig out your salad tongs and get ready to dig into health this January!

Sometimes all a salad needs to reach that extra level of appeal is a mouthwatering dressing, like the citrus cilantro dressing in this Southwestern Salad. Combine the classic flavors of cilantro and lime with crisp, sweet vegetables like corn and jicama and you’re well on your way to a Mexican Fiesta!

You’ve probably heard the saying that possession is nine tenths of the law. Well I’ve found that when it comes to kids and their veggies, presentation is nine tenths of the law. At your next meal, instead of pushing a bowl of salad at your little ones, try shredding the ingredients and allowing them to make their own Grated Vegetable Salad instead. It makes them active participants and I bet they’ll enjoy their food more as a result.

This Wild Wheat Berry Salad is full of nutty, nutritious wheat berries, and mixed with peanuts, currants, veggies and peaches. The Asian-style dressing adds a sour sweetness to this salad that helps balance this unique combination of flavors to create a dish that will have people begging for the recipe!

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