Sympathizing With Rachel Jeantel

Of all the things that have happened this week with regard to politics and news and what is happening in the world of women, the one that strikes me to sympathize with the most is what is happening in the media circus surrounding Rachel Jeantel. It’s been a volatile week for women, wouldn’t you say? It’s not as if what we see and hear in the news is a shock, but seeing as the downfall of human worthiness is steadily on the decline, it’s safe to say that we have failed Ms. Jeantel in many ways. Not only is she a young girl (and the arguments rage against the youthfulness of her murdered friend, Trayvon Martin) but she is a girl I see every day at school. Watching the narrative about her derail, however, should be called out loudly.


Rachel, a young woman who speaks three languages, is being vilified by both the attorney for Zimmerman as well as the media and I can’t offer a better explanation for why we ought to be ashamed of it than the piece in Salon by writer Brittney Cooper where she details how the words being used to describe Rachel are “combative” and “aggressive”. Lolo Jones, failed athlete and resident loudmouth of All Things Trivial, got lambasted on Twitter last week for making a Medea comparison has since deleted her tweet. If you don’t even know who Jones is, don’t fret. She is one of those people who tries to stay relevant when no one is paying her attention. She’s not even addressed the criticism toward her and uses Jesus and her brand of Christianity to appeal to a wider base while acting anything but Christ-like.

It isn’t lost on me how upset I am at all the people who are using Jeantel as a punchline in their small jokes about her and it isn’t lost on me that this young girl hasn’t been cared for in our world. What I hope for her is that she’ll be able to overcome this nonsense and be able to move on with what can only be described as a tragic night of losing her friend. We are better than this, I think, and the more people call out the abhorrent behavior of those of us who are standing by and watching the character assassination of Rachel like my friend Luvvie did on her blog this week, the more I will believe we actually are better.

Aren’t we?


Source credit to ABC News

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