Taking the Kids to the Beach, You Can Do It!


It can be quite a feat to take three kids to the beach, with all our gear, by myself. But it’s possible, I’ve got it down.

3 Tips for a Family Beach Day:

1. Bring a big blanket or sheet for the kids:

The kids need is a place to sit to eat or take a quick breather. My kids want to play in the sand for three hours straight. And a sheet works great. It’s light and does the job of a place to sit. It also washes up easy.

2. Pack food and water:

I have a “food” bag I bring for a few snacks. But if you can, feed the kids before you get started, so there’s not sand all over their hands. If you get food in their tummies at the beginning, they won’t be little hungry monsters so much at the end.

3. Baby Powder:

If you have wet sand on their bodies at the end, bring a bottle of baby powder and douse the kids in it. Rub the baby powder around the wet sandy areas and it will help dry out the sand and rubs right off.

Now you’ve got a few tips and trips, it’s time to head to the beach. Get out into the sun and feel those warm summer rays while they last.

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