Ten Teen Items For Spring



Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Since our kids are directly responsible for making us parents, I figure the day is just as much about my teenage daughter as it is about me. And there’s no better way to celebrate a teenage daughter than to head to the local superstore, which shall remain nameless — except it rhymes with Target.

We found ourselves at the local superstore so I could buy my daughter a Spring pick-me-up, which technically would be a Spring pick-her-up. She’s been working so hard, and I wanted to remind her that summer is on the horizon. The only thing I asked in return was fodder for this post, in the form of ten items under $25 she would suggest to transform a teen’s outlook from bummer to summer!


  • image-12 1 of 11
  • A lightweight scarf! 2 of 11
    A lightweight scarf!
  • Upbeat sunglasses! 3 of 11
    Upbeat sunglasses!
  • Colored tights! 4 of 11
    Colored tights!
  • A bright purse! 5 of 11
    A bright purse!
  • Twinkle lights! 6 of 11
    Twinkle lights!
  • A simple dress! 7 of 11
    A simple dress!
  • A happy umbrella! 8 of 11
    A happy umbrella!
  • Wedge sandals! 9 of 11
    Wedge sandals!
  • A tank dress! 10 of 11
    A tank dress!
  • And a fun hat! 11 of 11
    And a fun hat!

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