That Feeling We All Know


We all feel trapped sometimes.

Trapped in a rut, trapped in a mood, trapped in a pattern…stuck.

I took this picture in Ghana over the Summer. The barbed wire that covered the tops of walls was something I never expected. Something about it made me think of how we all feel trapped, but we aren’t.

We get stuck.

We get bored.

We get apathetic.

We aren’t trapped.

So, how do we break the habit of feeling trapped and shake it off?



  • Explore 1 of 6
    Make time to explore.
  • Go 2 of 6
    Go do what you have dreamed about.
  • Love 3 of 6
    Take a chance and let yourself love.
  • Play 4 of 6
    Stop pretending you don't need to play.
  • Pray 5 of 6
    Get quiet and connect.
  • Write 6 of 6
    Let the words come out.

How do you break out of that feeling we all know?



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