The "Bad Mom" Race Can Start On The Couch


Reading Megan’s post about “Bad Mom’s” and Catherine’s response to her questions made me throw my hat in the ring.

Maybe because they brought up Aiming Low and it seemed very important to me as founder of that site to make sure it was said YOU WON’T SEE US CALL YOU BAD ANYWHERE.

This isn’t a way to slam on Megan or Catherine. They’ve been my friends for years and NO ONE could respect them more as women, mothers and writers.

But Aiming Low isn’t about being ok with what makes you bad, it’s about understanding that living up to someone else’s standards is an unrealistic goal.

(I was wrong, there is one place you will see the word “BAD” on Aiming Low, and it’s an ad for Catherine’s “Bad Mom’s Club”, an ad for BMC on Aiming Low, hello! AWESOME?)

AL is about inclusion. It’s about finding a place that feels like failure and turning it into a starting point to try again. It’s about first place being great, but if you came in last you should be proud that you finished at all.

Our tagline is “Perfectly Mediocre” and we aren’t about judging your skills and abilities.

Being a “bad mother” says there’s something to justify.  Being “perfectly mediocre” says you are appreciated for what you are.

For us it was being mediocre and as far as we’re concerned dad have been perfecting that for years.

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