The Best Video You Have Never Seen


Today I was lucky enough to hear Carlos speak at KillerTribes. He shared advice and lessons on how we (as individual people) are our platform. As a woman with a media company, it makes perfect sense.

As I drove home I kept thinking that the lessons actually scale well outside the business world and digital world.

I’m raising future men. I want them to be mindful, constantly examine their motives, work their butts off, and love their fellow man.

Whatever their work will be, whatever their platforms bring them, I want them to be thoughtful about how they go about life.

The part of his talk that wrecked me, and served as a reminder of how I need to raise my boys, was a video. Carlos shared a video that left me sitting in a room full of people doing my ugly cry. He was shooting some B-roll on a cold Atlanta day when a homeless man named Danny walked up and asked him to keep singing.

Before I was able to share this with my 13yr old, I had to be sure not to bust out the blubbering ugly cry. (The boys can’t handle it when I cry, even when it’s a happy cry. What’s with that?)

How do we raise our kids to be the best they can be? We surround them and remind them constantly of what really matters in life.

Danny reminded me today.

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