The Big Disney Reveal


Last week my husband called me out of the blue and invited me out to lunch.  I’m a big fan of eating out, sure, but the surprise (shock, really) that he called me out of the blue was the best part.  It was so unexpected and thoughtful, he was easily forgiven for any number of things I was probably mad about, like the soda cans and socks he leaves everywhere. Forgiven!  It was like Christmas morning, my birthday, and our anniversary, all I rolled into one perfect, unexpected phone call.

In a few weeks, my husband and I are taking the kids to Disney World for the very first time.  As much as I love surprises, I also love surprising other people. We thought it would be fun to keep the whole trip a secret from the kids. This trip to Disney has been so hard to keep a secret as I’ve done all the planning, though!  I’m DYING to tell them all about all the fun things we’ll be doing, from character meals and rides, to the themed hotel where we’re staying and the pool and bunk beds.

My kids don’t actually know anything about Disney World, so I have to say that I’m a little worried they’ll be underwhelmed with the idea of Disney World.  My daughter isn’t into princesses and both kids are perfectly happy going to Dollywood, so I think part of the key to making this trip’s success equivalent to the amount of money we’re spending to go there (OH EM GEE), is making the reveal something creative and memorable.

That’s a Big problem RIGHT THERE, as neither of us is very creative.  (Remind me to tell you about the long ago Christmas Tate gave me a switch for our computers that would make it possible to use the printer FROM EITHER COMPUTER. Yeah. NOT creative.) We having trouble with even the basics of how one goes about revealing something like a trip to Disney World.  For example, we can’t even decide when we should tell them, whether it be when we head out on the first leg of the trip, when we actually pull into the park complex in Orlando, or somewhere in between.

This is where I’m summoning magical powers of the Internet to help us come up with a plan for the BIG! DISNEY! REVEAL!  Since my kids aren’t really into Disney, except for Cars and Toy Story, I was planning on maybe reading some books or watching movies based on other Disney characters besides Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear.  And that’s all I got, folks.

Do you have any super duper ideas for telling the kids, “We’re going to Disney World!”  Something akin to the feeling of winning the Superbowl and being covered in confetti is sort of the level of excitement I’m looking for here.  Of course, without the confetti, but that should be obvious, right?

Ideas?  Go!

(photo source: Dawn Ashley via Creative Commons)