The Dork That is Me


It was recently brought to my attention that I’m a dork.  I mean, I knew that I was dorky, but I thought I’d done a good job of hiding it from other people.  Apparently not.  I may do embarrassing things in public with little regard to the horrified stares of bystanders.  I may drive around town with my windows open singing loudly (and badly) for all to hear.  I may constantly take pictures of random objects wherever I go.  I may strike up conversations with perfect strangers in the check-out line of any given store, much to my kids’ chagrin.  And I may not have been in fashion since before I had kids the Reagan administration.  But that doesn’t mean I’m a dork, does it?  (That was hypothetical.  Which means – don’t answer it.  Don’t.  Just don’t.)

I’m sorry – I guess the embedding isn’t working. Here’s a link. DAWN’S VIDEO

But, I think this video displays just how much of a doofus I am.  Some of you probably saw this back when Because I Said So came out this past summer.  But those of you who missed it, check it out now.  And make sure you watch it until the end for the bloopers!

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