You Don't Say: Addie's First (and Last) Twinkie


When I heard news of Hostess biting the crumb, I thought “Glad those weren’t my favorite!” what I never thought was that it would set off a scurry to local stores to pick up the last few Hostess treats available. People posted photos to Facebook with the “Last Twinkies on Earth” while others made hysterical memes saying “Never Forget” with a photo of a Hostess cupcake. Little did I know, Cody had taken Addie to the grocery store to pick up some Twinkies. Apparently he was offended she had never had one.

I decided to record Addie’s first and last Twinkies experience so when she’s my age and watching “I love the 2010’s” on VH1 she can take comfort in the fact that we cared enough to make sure she tried Twinkies before they disappeared forever. (Let’s be honest, they’re not disappearing forever, they’ll be back. But for one evening we were all able to unite over sponge cake and cream filling that never, ever, goes bad.)

The best part about this kid’s experience? Rather than mourning the loss of Hostess and all their iconic treats like many people in my Facebook feed, Addie declared that November 16th should be declared “Happy Twinkie New Year” and every year we should celebrate “All the years Hostess was able to make people happy with their treats.”

Whether you liked Hostess or not, you have to give the kid credit for that kind of perspective.

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