The Flubbed Disney Reveal

Oh you guys.  I just watched the video of when we surprised Carson and Ella with the news that, “WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!”  It’s taken me over a week to work up the nerve to watch it.  I mean, I was there.  I remember what happened.

The word that comes to mind when I watch the 1 minute, 12 second video is lackluster.  Maybe it’s just funny.  I don’t know.  Needless to say, it didn’t go exactly as I had pictured in my mind.  For months, we’d planned this trip to Disney World, the children completely unaware of the awesomeness that awaited them.  Part of the fun, for me, was going to be the BIG REVEAL, where I imagined jubilation and feet kissing and confetti.  Maybe something like this.

Here’s what really happened.

Not only did I ask all of you for your suggestions on how to tell the kids about this trip to Disney, I also asked every person I ran into including, but not limited to, the grocery cashier, the librarian, the man at the car repair shop, the soccer coach’s wife, and many others.  My dental hygienist had the best suggestion of the 1.2 million ideas I received.

She suggested that we have the Fairy Godmother leave a little gift under their pillows the morning of the big reveal and have the kids guess where we were going.  I had already purchased Disney autograph books, so I wrote a note as the Fairy Godmother that said,

You are cordially invited to join us at Disney World.


Your Fairy Godmother

Since Orlando is about 10 hours from us, we stopped on the way and got a hotel room.  As an aside, the kids were THRILLED staying in a hotel room, this would have been a perfectly good vacation to them, simply staying at a Microtel in some random city in Georgia.  Any. Way. Once the kids were asleep, I stealthily placed the autograph books under their pillows. When they awoke the next morning, we asked the kids to look under their pillows.  There they found the autograph books.  And this is where the story goes FLOP.

I began to read the note from the Fairy Godmother.

Just a few words in, I began to cry.

Then Carson began to cry because I was crying.

Poor Ella didn’t know what to think.

What you can’t see on the video is my husband looking at me like, “Really?!  You’re crying?!  After all this planning and you’re crying?!”

Carson continued to cry, wail even, as my husband finished reading the note from the Fairy Godmother.

Ella just stood their sucking her thumb.

There was no jubilation to be had.  I felt like such an idiot for crying!  It was just the anticipation of the moment, my high expectations, and maybe even hoping that the amount of fun we had could somehow balance the huge fortune we were dropping on a Disney World vacation.

Luckily, this was not a sign of things to come on our Disney vacation.  We had the most AMAZING time, the jubilation just came once we crossed under the big Disney World sign at the entrance.  Every detail of the trip was truly magical, despite the rocky start and despite the pouring down rain the first day of our trip.  On our next visit, I think I’ll keep it a secret again.

I’m an eternal optimist.

(And okay, okay.  Here’s the video.)  (Please note that Carson accidentally wore his sister’s Buzz Lightyear PJs to bed, he does actually own PJs that fit.) (And yes, I think you may be able to hear their in-real-life names in the video. They would have been REALLY confused if we called them by their Internet names while shooting the video, don’t you think?) (I really love to use parentheses.)


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