The Great Presidential Craft Debate


First of all, I take the presidential debates very seriously.  But watching them last night I’ll admit I had a lot of anxiety.  I couldn’t imagine having to stand up on that podium having prepared to answer questions about so many different topics. I started to imagine what the debates would look like if President Obama and Governor Romney had to tackle topics on DIY projects and crafting.  Do you think they’d be stumped? Who would come out on top? Maybe Martha Stewart could moderate:

Craft Debates by via

Here are a few questions to start us off:

  • Transparency 1 of 8
    Photo source 3M.
  • The 47% 2 of 8
    The 47%
  • White House Decor 3 of 8
    White House Decor
  • Individual Mandate 4 of 8
    Individual Mandate
  • Paint Chips 5 of 8
    Paint Chips
    Photo source Home Depot.
  • Trickle Down 6 of 8
    Trickle Down
  • Red Tape 7 of 8
    Red Tape
    Photo source ULine.
  • Gun Smuggling 8 of 8
    Gun Smuggling


Click here to read the rest of the debate questions in their entirety!



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