The key to redecorating a toddler's room: baby steps!


I love decorating. I love decor. I love glossy magazines and blogs and pin boards devoted to the topic. My problem is that I get so overwhelmed by all the insanely creative and fantastic ideas out there that I usually end up feeling more fetal than inspired…especially when it comes to the decoration of kids’ rooms.

Anymore, it seems like it’s not enough to give a child their own special place to sleep and play. Rather, a kid’s room must inspire creativity and individuality–whimsy! A romp on the back of Aslan through Narnia! A princess fetish!

It’s no wonder my daughter’s bedroom looks like this…

It’s not that the room is so terrible. It is perfectly functional.  It’s just that there is nothing about it that says “child” or “youthful” or “organized” about it.

It looks like a home office that had been haphazardly turned into a nursery by a harried parent (*cough, cough*) just coming to grips with the reality that her toddler is no longer an unassuming baby who can fit neatly into this drawer.

Aaah, those were the days.

A year and change later, it’s gotten to the point where my eyes actually hurt when I enter June’s bedroom.

It’s so disorganized. Random piles of clothes everywhere, a doll house in front of a bookcase next to a toy chest.  There’s no intention. There’s no focus.  There’s no Feng Shui.  Hold on, I feel a fainting spell coming on…

By far the biggest eyesore in this room is this…

What is that, you say?

Why, it’s a still unopened printer box on which a wireless router and modem are incongruously displayed, of course.  How’s that for unlocking a child’s whimsy and creativity?  (The router and modem have to stay in this room for reasons too boring to go into.)

I have to redecorate and reorganize June’s bedroom, but I want to do it in a way I can actually manage:  Without spending a lot of money, without expert condescension help, and without succumbing to the notion that a little girl’s bedroom must resemble Xanadu.

The first thing I did was install two storage bins from The Home Depot (one sits on the floor and the other mounts to the wall).In that one relatively simple move, I was able to bring a sense of order to her room, remove clutter and create more space.   Bonus: The floor unit provided a somewhat less intrusive spot for the router and modem. No more printer box as side table!

Two seconds after the installation, I immediately felt better, like perhaps the task of redecorating a child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be so all consuming and fantastically mind blowing.  The key , I realized, is to approach it like I would any other large, amorphous task that makes me want to kill myself (writing a book): Break it up into small, doable chunks—baby steps.  One small improvement, like a new storage unit, snowball into others. I’m already thinking paint colors, wall murals and decorative light switch plate covers….and maybe there’s a way to turn that printer box into a fantastical time machine.

* A big thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign.  Click here to see more of the discussion.


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