The Songs of Summer: A #TargetEveryday Playlist


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It seems like every summer, there is a song that defines the season . . . a song that takes over the airwaves and tailgate parties and brings back memories when you hear it later. Last year it was Somebody that I Used to Know. The year before that it was Pumped Up Kicks. I feel like it’s too soon to call the Song of the Summer for 2013, but here are some of my top contenders:

  • The Songs of Summer 1 of 7
  • Blurred Lines 2 of 7

    So sexist. So damn catchy.

  • Get Lucky 3 of 7

    This throw-back funk song makes me wanna dance in my car.

  • Carry On 4 of 7

    Last summer, Fun's song Tonight was the anthem. This year, Carry On is a hit.

  • Whatever 5 of 7

    They're trying so hard not to be a boy band. Whatever, HCR. We like you anyway.

  • Put Your Hands Up 6 of 7

    Even my four-year-old is a dancing fool when this song comes on.

  • Live While We’re Young 7 of 7

    38 counts as young, right? I KNEW IT.

What do you think? What’s the song of this summer? Any songs I’ve missed?