The Unstoppable Girl: Teaching My Kids the Power They Have Within


In about a week I’ll be attending the Mom 2.0 Summit. The big news is that Dove is the premier sponsor. Having attended a whole lot of blogging conferences over the past 7 or 8 years, I am always excited when the sponsors of the event are brands that align with my interests, my beliefs, and/or my values.  From what I have seen and heard from Dove lately, I think the brand’s vision and even more specifically their emerging campaign #girlunstoppable covers all three.

As I was considering what images, statements or stories I wanted to share of my own daughters I really began to think about the word unstoppable. I love that word. I love the feeling it evokes. By definition unstoppable means something “that cannot be stopped or surpassed; unbeatable.” When an adjective like that is used to describe girls—namely my daughters—I get all choked up, in that proud-mama- bursting-at-the-seams kind of way.

I don’t encourage my daughters to be unbeatable in the way that means when they get beat (which is inevitable) they feel totally defeated; not good enough, fast enough, smart enough or pretty enough. On the contrary; I want my daughters to grow up knowing that nothing—no hurdle, no circumstance, no critique, no defeat—has to stop them. I want them to feel that no matter what, they can forge ahead, beat the odds, and persevere regardless of anything, anyone or any situation might try to challenge them from doing so.

Of course, these things are easier said than done. However, when we use life’s less empowering moments as teachable moments, we can help our girls navigate the kind of challenging circumstances that they will continue to face throughout their entire lives. Every hurt feeling, game lost, embarrassing situation, confrontation, disappointment and heartbreak can be our opportunity to teach our daughters that all of these things happen—to them, to us, to other girls (and boys)—and that no matter how terrible it might feel when it happens to them, the tough stuff can actually be the stuff that helps them become stronger, more resilient, and unstoppable.

Musing on the things about my own daughters that make them unstoppable girls I think of not only the strength, fierceness and fire that drives them, I also think of their vulnerability, kindness, and sensitivity. I know there is strength in tears. I see courage in their compassion and boldness in their beauty. I know it takes a lot of courage to be confident, especially in the face of fear or uncertainty. There’s a lot to being unstoppable. There’s a finesse to it. There’s knowing when to use muscle and knowing when to use smarts. There’s knowing when to fight and knowing when to fly.  And above all else, there’s knowing that everything you need to be unstoppable lies within yourself. It is all of this and more than I want to teach my daughters, and learn more for myself, right alongside them.

I’m excited to continue this conversation with them. To get them thinking about it, to hear their ideas, and to better understand their perspective on being unstoppable now and into their bright, beautiful future!


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