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Cecily Kellogg is madly in love with the internet, technology, and social media. She writes here at Babble about the intersection of family, technology, and social media and runs her own web content and social media consulting business, Double Good Media. She is also known for her raw tone and humor on various social media platforms including her own blog, Uppercase Woman. Kellogg lives in the Philadelphia area, is happily married and is mom to a fierce and amazing daughter, and yes, she’s a full grown adult who loves her pink hair.

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Back to School Goals – For Me

By cecilyk |

It’s the day after Labor Day, and that means one thing:

Shit’s about to get real, yo.

While I’ve had no slacking of work in August, there’s still something about this day that pushes you to feel like it’s time to shake off the summer doldrums and get down to work. It’s in our bones, this end-of-summer-back-to-school feeling, regardless of the actual temperature out (it’s likely to stay plenty warm here in the Philly area for another six weeks or so).

The pools are closed, most schools have started back up (two more days for us; that’s forty five hours from now, or 2700 or so minutes, not that I’m counting; WHAT?).

My mother (who lives with us) went back to teaching today after having the summer off from classes at her college. I’m in the office working and writing with an eye to my to-do list today.

But I’m having trouble shifting into action here.

It’s probably because I checked out over the weekend, more fully than I’ve done in a long time. I celebrated my husband’s birthday, had a lazy pool day on Saturday, and then curled up with my family and watched two full seasons of Dr. Who (okay, I watched Dr. Who and my family enjoyed less geeky pursuits).

Jump starting my brain today is a challenge. So I’ve decided to create a back-to-school list of goals. I wrote the other day about how this time of year feels like a fresh start, so I’m taking this opportunity to set some simple goals for myself. Seriously simple.

Here they are.

• I will go to the gym three days a week. Yes, I will. Really.

• I will do my laundry weekly so that I don’t have to sit around with no bra on for the day because all of mine are in the wash – yes, even the emergency one – which means I’m trapped in the house and can’t get to said gym.

• I will not watch Dr. Who episodes during work hours. Ahem.

• I will blog on my personal blog every day, Monday to Friday, even if the posts are short.

• I will close the computer after my daughter gets home from school for at least an hour (in addition to the dinner to bedtime time we hang out), even if it means I have to do my work into the night after she’s asleep.

• I will shower at least every other day; this every three days crap has to stop (for the record, I have super dry skin and get itchy if I bathe daily). Good news: fall coming on means no more leg shaving!

• I will start making meal plans with the family each week and suck it up financially (because I prefer organic) to have fresh fruit and veggies in the house at all times because I always eat them if they are here.

Have you set any goals now that the kids are (or soon will be) out from underfoot? I’d love to know.


also write at my personal blog, Uppercase Woman. Find me on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Google+.  More from me here at Babble’s MomCrunch!

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14 thoughts on “Back to School Goals – For Me

  1. Anne (@notasupermom) says:

    So I’m not the only one with an emergency bra. Although I couldn’t wear it to the gym.

    I find I spend less on groceries when I buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Snack foods are expensive!

  2. Lynette says:

    Gooooooood luck with the Doctor Who item. ;)

  3. Elena @CiaoMom says:

    Love the specific and concrete goals! I have a few similar goals, since I am home for the first time in 13 years instead of starting a new back to school year of my own. My biggest one is to start the habit of getting up early to workout so that I can focus on writing and working once my daughter heads to school.

  4. Rebecca Einstein Schorr says:

    Meal planning is my very big goal with regular trips to the Farmers’ Market as my smaller goal. I’ve been really bad at this and want to do better by my family as far as nutrition is concerned. Thanks for the kick-in-the-pants reminder to make this goal…and stick with it!

  5. Shandra says:

    I think these are great goals, but a couple of them make me worry a bit that you are depressed…it’s probably reader bias, but please keep an eye on it. :-)

    Mine are similar to some above:
    - make lunches, etc. the night before
    - meal plan so we eat more healthily
    - run 3x a week
    - leave work at work

  6. Kathleen says:

    –be gracious about having to drop off and pick up the kids most days of the week. (husband has new job 3 days week, I am sacrificing my sleep so he has time to write)
    –gym or pool workout 5 days a week. One of those days can be Sunday, as my kids have swim class and I can do laps while they are in it. I have been trapped in the house all summer due to work and the kids being home…I feel creaky.
    –manage time better and also spend more time with the husband as our schedules permit.

  7. KB says:

    3 times a week….? I shower each day before work, and can’t imagine not doing that two days in a row. I’m a new reader though, so maybe you don’t have a job that requires you to leave the home each day. I don’t know. Good luck though, I think it’s definitely a good goal…if not just a basic life skill.

    1. Cecily Kellogg says:

      Actually, I have ridiculously dry skin so I can’t bathe daily without going all itchy. :)

  8. AC says:

    Wow, your daughter gets an hour. One hour. One hour without your computer open. One hour a day? One.

    1. Cecily Kellogg says:

      I was talking about putting away the computer after she gets home from school for an hour, rather than working until dinner like I usually do. I spend dinner to bedtime with my kid each day, as do most working moms.

  9. AC says:

    Thanks for replying. The tone of your goal just seemed off a bit – but baby steps are a good place to start. And, maybe you’ll find even more time for your daughter after you cut out Dr. Who episodes. Good luck!

  10. Jennifer says:

    My youngest started Kindergarten for the first time, so four mornings a week I’ve got no kids. I’ve been writing every morning since school started, and that’s all I’m thinking about right now. I had all these ideas about working out and stuff, and I realized that right now I don’t want to. I’ve been sneaking time for my poetry here and there for so long that really all I want to do on my four mornings is do my writing and revising and the critique work that’s part of my on-line workshop. Yes, I have time to take classes again. The rest will come in time.

    I do a load of laundry every day to keep the piles manageable, but we’re four with a hockey player who’s on ice three times a week and starting October both the boys will be hockey players. There’s a lot of socks and underwear with the hockey players….

  11. Linda W. says:

    In a stroke of ironic timing, I had a “life meltdown” on Labor Day. There is a huge disconnect between the life I envision and the life I live, and its source is me! I’ve decided to bid a bittersweet farewell to some diversions and distractions to make room for things that truly nurture:

    1. I joined the nearby Y, with the goal of going twice a week to start. There is something almost every evening that sounds interesting, but I’m especially keen to start doing yoga again!

    2. Quit SAYING “it isn’t a chore, it’s an act of love” and start LIVING it. That means doing said chores first, then rewarding myself with leisure I can enjoy guilt-free, instead of “deserving” the leisure for working all day and having a depressive and unfulfilling home life.

    3. I made my first menu plan two weeks ago. Now, to improve my follow-through in actually cooking these splendid meals.

    4, Start knitting again! Start visiting the library again!

    I want my son to have a home where “we have fun, and we get our work done.” Where the love in this home isn’t hidden under a bushel basket of laundry. Where he sees his mother practice love instead of of self-sabotage. I want to be an example to him, not a warning. :-)

  12. CJ says:

    Yes, the only way I survive my three kids in school is organization, planning and sticking to the plan. I go to a gym 3x/week and having that scheduled in makes a huge difference. Because then I go.

    Moxy had an interesting article up about jobs vs relationships in terms of kids and its awesome that you included a relationship goal of time in the evening before dinner.

    Ironically school is WAY busier than summer. Summer they have camps all day, no homework, little shuttling. School = carpool from sports, coordination with grandparents about the day they get the kids for an activity and then we have family dinner. And the tutor for oldest who comes twice a week. So I really feel planning is key. DH cooks so he has ramped up planning.

    The other thing that was useful was to schedule breakfast and lunch types. Tu/Th is always O’s with something. Period. Wed/Fri it’s eggs. Monday is the only up in the air day. Lunches we have set of a few standard lunches that they can pick from and then make. The kids all were part of the conversations about these things! I didn’t just make them — and since they were in on the decision, they abide by it.

    I have as a goal to get in a 10 minute bodyweight exercise and stretch routine but it conflicts with the shower some mornings and showers rule!

    This is great though because it has made me put these goals on paper and discuss them more clearly with the kids (like the lunches — that was just my idea and they didn’t mind but we need a Plan asap because mornings are just barely working, though they are working).

    And to make sure at least one goal is about my relationship to my kids, not just my jobs for/with them!

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