Things I Could Live Without - But I'd Rather Not


People always say  things like “I could not LIVE without a Starbucks Mocha Peppermint Half Caff Chai Tea.” Okay, they never say that exactly because it sounds revolting, but they say things like that. Earlier today I caught myself thinking that I could not live without live streaming Netflix. Clearly that is crazy talk. I could not live without oxygen or food. Netlfix live streaming is just awesome.

I have spent almost six weeks without air-conditioning. It turns out I can live without a working AC, it just really, really, really sucks.

I am about to go 8 – 10 weeks without a kitchen in my house (we’re remodeling) and my guess is that I will still be alive in September and a kitchen seems like a pretty basic first world staple. I will probably be fatter from eating fast food but I fully expect the entire family to make it to the other side animately existent.

Nobody wants to live without a working sink, but I know for sure that I can do that too.

You may be wondering where this is going. I have made a little list of things that I could live without, if I was forced to do so, or probably even if I needed to budget more, but I would really rather not.

Things that I Could Live Without but Only if it was Absolutely Necessary

  • My DVR 1 of 11
    My DVR
    Oh sure, I could live without my DVR, but then I would have to watch commercials like a normal sucker. Plus Id have to stay up late to watch "The Newsroom" and "Game of Thrones". The DVR has changed the way we watch television.
  • Bacon 2 of 11
    Bacon is the first reason I will never be a vegetarian. Bacon tastes like heaven. I know a lot of people go their entire life without tasting bacon or any sort of pork. I feel sad for those people.
  • My iPhone 3 of 11
    My iPhone
    My iPhone is my telephone. It is my e-mail. It is my camera. It is my book. It is my flashlight. Instagram and Twitter live in my iPhone. So do Scrabble and Anrgy Birds. I love my iPhone.
  • The Bank Drive-Thru 4 of 11
    The Bank Drive-Thru
    Yes. I AM that lazy.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket 5 of 11
    NFL Sunday Ticket
    Every single NFL game. This is a fantasy football lover's dream come true. It is also a gift to people like me who don't live in the TV market of their favorite NFL team. Sure, I could watch the Redskins lose like all of my neighbors, but given the option I prefer to watch the Bucs lose.
  • Conditioner 6 of 11
    If I don't use conditioner my hair feels like straw. Without conditioner I don't think I could brush through my daughter's hair at all.
  • Beer 7 of 11
    This is really a quality of life issue. I love beer. It is worth almost every calorie.
  • My Electric Toothbrush 8 of 11
    My Electric Toothbrush
    I don't even travel with my electric toothbrush so I know I can live just fine without it, but I really appreciate the little beep that lets me know it is time to brush the next quarter of my mouth. It also ensures that I (and my children) brush for the full two minutes, instead of what feels like it might be two minutes. So helpful!
  • Cleaning Service 9 of 11
    Cleaning Service
    This is the most extravagant thing on this list, but I tell you hiring a cleaning service to come into my home every other week changed my life. I stress so much less now that I don't have to worry about mopping and toilets and sinks and vacuuming all of the time. Now I can spend the time I would have spent dusting searching for cute little pictures like this one.
  • Fabric Softener 10 of 11
    Fabric Softener
    Have you ever run out of fabric softener? Your towels feel like sandpaper. Don't even get me started on t-shirts or underwear. I know my clothes would be as clean without it, but not nearly as soft or fragrant.
  • Twitter 11 of 11
    I was happy enough before Twitter came along, but now that I know better, it would be tough to live without it. Airplanes without wifi make me twitchy because what if I need to tweet something? Facebook and Instagram and Flickr are all great, but Twitter is the one I would miss the most.

* * *

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