Things We Likely Won't Do Anymore If We Have a Baby


Over the last 8 years of infertility, it’s been easy to get settled into a life without kids.  (I strangely feel further away from being a parent than ever.  It’s just been so long.)  So as we approach the IVF process  – I’m just mentally preparing for a few things that we likely won’t do anymore as a couple if we have a baby……..(for you parents, maybe this will bring back some memories from the olden days :)

(photo above by Saydi Eyre Shumway)

  • Getting 8 (if not 9!) hours of SLEEP 1 of 11
    Getting 8 (if not 9!) hours of SLEEP
    Oh my, those days would be o-v-e-r, right?

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  • Infrequent Laundry Days 2 of 11
    Infrequent Laundry Days
    Since it's just the two of us, we don't have to do laundry all that often....but I hear little ones make lots of messes :) We might have to rev up the laundry schedule.

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  • Midnight Movies 3 of 11
    Midnight Movies
    Midnight movies are typical in our world. But I'm guessing that's tricky with a baby at home? Unless we wanted to pay the New York babysitter $90 :)
  • Shopping for Two 4 of 11
    Shopping for Two
    We'll really have to buy more food around here.
  • Having a Super Messy House 5 of 11
    Having a Super Messy House
    I know you parents will love this one. :) But you know what, with a baby around here, we actually couldn't leave our home in the condition it's in. We get lazy about putting luggage away after trips, folding down boxes that need to be recycled, putting away the HUGE packs of toilet paper from Costco. And so, because our apartment doesn't have a lot of wiggle room, we really would have to change our habits around here to make space for a baby. Toys, blankets, books, baby clothes? OK. Different story. But babies shouldn't have to climb over piles of recycling. :)

    (photo by Rebecca Baust)
  • Having Sex Pretty Much Any Time of Day or Night 6 of 11
    Having Sex Pretty Much Any Time of Day or Night
    Um.....that's kind of nice. Really nice.

    (photo by Ikea)
  • Traveling WHENEVER & WHEREVER 7 of 11
    Danny and I decided to go to Europe one summer and left 2 weeks later....I'm guessing that's not how it's done with kiddos around :)
  • Going on Overnight Hikes in the Woods 8 of 11
    Going on Overnight Hikes in the Woods
    On our recent overnighter, we realized...." really, really couldn't do this with a baby."
  • Not Caring About Privacy 9 of 11
    Not Caring About Privacy
    We are the only two people, you know...

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  • Taking 1 Hour Bubble Baths 10 of 11
    Taking 1 Hour Bubble Baths
    This one is hard to fit in even now....but it still happens from time to time...

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  • But… 11 of 11
    ...we could possibly learn what it's like to get to know a little one. And I'm guessing that will be worth every bit of the changes in our routine. :)

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