Toddler bedroom makeover: Shopping words to live by


June awaits new carpet

Some people think carpeting a kids’ room is crazy because it’s a haven for dirt and dust and the kids will probably dump Elmer’s glue all over it anyway.

I agree, smaller area rugs on bare floors are probably much easier to clean, but they can also feel less cozy and welcoming…especially for parents conscripted into playing My Pretty Pony on the floor with their child.  If I’m going to have to whinny like a magical horse, for the love of sweet Mary, let me do it on carpet.

In my ongoing mission to redo my child’s room, I’ve zeroed in on the following carpet criteria:

* It must feel great on bare feet.  I will go to my grave trying to make my place a shoeless house. Nobody listens to me, of course, but I will never abandon hope of a clean and tranquil domicile with no mud tracks on the floors.

* Slip resistant. June careens into enough objects around the house as it is–I don’t need additional help from loose rugs or carpet.

* Snuggy enough for mom’s bare knees but not so plush it’s a petri dish of allergens. At the moment, June is allergy free and I’d prefer she stay that way.

* Stain resistant. For those times when mom pony rears and knocks over her giant glass of Merlot.

* A mid-tone color. Neutral tones such as grays, tans and beiges hide specks; bright or monochromatic colors highlight them. I don’t want to vacuum anymore than I have to.

The rug I’ve settled on is from the Martha Stewart Living “Brycemoor II” Collection from The Home Depot which satisfies all of my personal objectives.  The guy at the store even poured a bit of colored water onto a fabric swatch to demonstrate its stain resistance and damn if the liquid didn’t bead up on top, waiting to be swabbed up by a towel. It was kinda magical.

For color, I went with creamy tan called Potter’s Clay, which I think will contrast nicely to the room’s newly painted wall color, Farrow & Ball Middleton Pink.

Now is the part where I’m going to admit I’ve never actually shopped for carpet before. I’ve bought plenty of cheap area rugs, but I’ve never purchased carpet-carpet…you know, the plush stuff you see in the homes of grown ups. So I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I embarked on this particular shopping mission.

My budget for new carpet for June’s room was around $250-$350, which seemed like a lot of dough. So I almost choked when the sales associate informed me that my selection would set me back nearly $800. Turns out Brycemoor II is among the most expensive line in the collection. (Apparently, my shopping proclivities are still rooted in 1996 when the dollar was strong and the Information Superhighway was taking the world by strorm). I was, in a word, floored (get it? Floored?). I don’t have $800 for carpet! I called my husband for advice.

“What do I do?” I asked. “That is so much money for flooring! Should I just buy the cheap stuff?”

“If you buy the cheap stuff, you won’t like it as much and you’ll probably end up buying it again once it wears out anyway.”

This is true. And then the kicker:

“When it comes to quality,” he said. “You only flinch at the price tag once.”

I love that! It is so true!

I think about all the times I went for the cheaper alternative — shoes, bedding, furniture, clothes — only to end up regretting my choice  (too plastic, cheap, uncomfortable, flimsy) and wishing I would have purchased what I really wanted from the get go.

So I went for it. I bought the good stuff (though I cut back on the size a bit and got rid of an additional carpet runner, bringing the total to a more reasonable $450), justifying it by reminding myself of the years of use we’ll get out of this rug (it’s transportable, durable, stain resistant…) while a cheaper alternative I’d end up having to replace much sooner.

I’ll show pics of the new carpet as soon as it comes in.

A big thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.




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