Top 10 Reasons To Be Glad the Election Is Over


Every bad mood.  Every moment of short temper. Every low moment. In these past months, I would blame it on the election. Part of it was the natural response to suspense: I just wanted to know how it would turn out. But it went beyond that. The whole thing was unpleasant. I just wanted it to be done with, though I knew that the process was necessary for our democracy. In the last week or so, it felt like I would be slammed by a giant wave.

Then it got quiet in the last couple of days — I mean my mood quieted. That spooky before the storm quiet. I tuned everything out. And now it’s over. And the sound of life is back on. And life expands outwards. It’s almost as though I had bad cold which is now gone. And I am so happy it is over.

Here is why:

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