Top 5 Makeup Tips for Busy Moms From a Hollywood Makeup Artist (and Busy Mom)

Here at Pacifying the Masses, we love to put rad moms and dads with cool jobs in the hot seat! Lucky for you, we’ve got Molly R. Stern here today. Molly is a makeup artist that really knows faces (and so many other things….what a woman!) Just ask Reese Witherspoon, Kate Beckinsale, or Maya Rudolph. Plus, she even shares some major beauty secrets right in this post. Holla!

Minivan Blues: How has parenting changed your role at work?

Molly R. Stern: I think parenting has helped me in my work. My job has always been comprised of 10% talent and 90% nurturing. I am cheerleader for my clients, a member of their team that is meant to not only make them look good, but encourage them to feel good. Becoming a mother only helped me ramp up my abilities to have compassion and love for my ladies.

MB:  What’s harder : managing a team of stylists, or negotiating through a tantrum?

MRS: Funny. Both really boil down to ego. It’s a matter of giving both examples space to be who they are, whether it’s a diva or a screaming child, all the while maintaining a boundary of what is acceptable and what’s not. I do not have a lot of patience for tantrums with my kids. I am lucky that the tools we use to curb them work most of the time. We immediately remove them from whatever situation they are flipping out in. A tantrum will get them sent to their room, with the explanation that we simply can not understand them if they communicate while screaming and loosing it. When they can calm down, (we like to get an Om or two out of them) then we can talk about whatever the problem is. With a stylist…I just have to smile and save the stories for my memoir.

MB: How do you stay sane with three very adventurous kids at home and a super demanding day job?

MRS: Am I sane? I don’t know if I would ever describe myself as that. I love being busy. Always have. I like working, whether its in the home or on site. I really believe that productivity makes me more creative and the more creative I feel the more productive I am. Does it mean that I don’t totally and completely zombie out at least 3 times a day? More like 5 times a day. Many nights during the week do I pass out by 8pm? If I am lucky, usually 7:15 is pushing it. I also have an amazing Husband who is truly the greatest father of all time. He is very hands on and super involved. Aaaand my Mother and Father are very near and dear. They take all 3 kids at at least once a week so we get some adult alone time. Lastly bedtime is very strict in our house. The kids are in bed no later than 7:30 every night with very rare exception. That way (when I haven’t passed out myself) I get my evening to chill, watch, read, surf (the net), paint.

MB: What does Molly R. Stern do to relax?

MRS: I’m not a great relaxer. Unless I am on a vacation, then I can relax with the best the them. I rely heavily on the fact that we celebrate the Jewish Sabbath. So from Friday night sundown until Saturday night sundown we unplug and decompress. It’s wonderfully rejuvenating and allows our family to focus on one another and bond. It’s like your busy and moving and shaking and working and checking your email and cooking and doing laundry and and and and and…and by the end of the week your running on fumes. The Sabbath is like a gas station for Jews. Refill and recharge.

MB: Favorite song?

MRS: Impossible. I’ll narrow it down to 5…which by the way, is equally as hard. 1. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) by The Beatles 2. All Blues by Miles Davis 3. Loving Cup by The Rolling Stones 4. N.I.B. by Black Sabbath 5. I Really Need Love by The Bees

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    Get a moisturizing serum, (I am really digging By Terry Baum de Rose) and apply it at night before bed. You wake up feeling refreshed and more beautiful.
  • 02 2 of 5
    Find a good concealer. A full face of foundation isn't really ever necessary. A spot of highlight under the eyes and on the tip of the nose can really brighten your whole vibe.
  • 03 3 of 5
    Buy some blush. Brighter than you think. A flushed rosy cheek ALWAYS brings youth to a complexion.
  • 04 4 of 5
    Curl your lashes. It's a very simple way to open up the eye.
  • 05 5 of 5
    Try and go to sleep 1/2 earlier than you usually do...make it a habit, the old phrase about getting your beauty rest is real. We need it, and we simply don't get enough of it.


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