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Top 10 Skincare Resolutions for 2014

Keeping your skin healthy is important. Not just because a great complexion keeps you looking younger and better, but because healthy skin also impacts your overall well-being. (For instance, it’s your first defense against the wintertime bacteria and viruses that can makes you sick.) Take care of your skin and you’re taking care of yourself.

During the winter months — and the cold, dry air that comes along for the ride — our skin takes a beating. That’s why late December and January are a great time to make New Year’s resolutions related to our skin. Here are ten of my favorite skincare tips. If you’re the resolution-making type, consider these your ten top skin resolutions for 2014. (More about my favorite skincare products here.)

  • 10 Skin Care Resolutions for 2014 1 of 11

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  • Moisturize 2 of 11

    This one's a no-brainer: the best way to combat dry skin is…moisture. Apply lotion or coconut oil right after showering to seal in moisture from your shower.

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  • Honey 3 of 11

    Honey is one of my must-have beauty products. (I even have a honey-based body-scrub recipe over at whoorl.com.) It's great for moisturizing and exfoliating. It's also great for chapped lips. Use it to heal and hydrate. Its anti-viral properties even make it a good option for dealing with cold sores.

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  • Retinol 4 of 11

    Make sure you're using lotion that contains retinol, like this anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish cream from Olay. This must-have topical ingredient improves skin texture and keeps it looking healthy.

    [photo source]

  • Sunscreen 5 of 11

    This is a must…everywhere. I slather it on myself and my kids. I'm not just trying to protect them from skin cancer. I want them to have great skin when they are adults! As for me, I use it on my face all year long because that's the part of me that gets exposed to sun and wind and anything else that comes at it when I'm outside. And don't forget those hands, ears, and neck! Here's my favorite all-day moisturizer with sunscreen.

    [photo source]

  • Clean It Up 6 of 11

    We don't always think about it, but makeup brushes can collect bacteria with use, and need to be washed. Once a month, get the brush head damp and gently clean the bristles only with mild soap. Rinse with warm water and lay out to dry on a towel.

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  • Exfoliate 7 of 11

    Scrub everywhere! Face, hands, body, neck, and chest. Regular exfoliation reveals fresh, bright skin. Change up your routine, however, with the season so you don't dry out your skin. Try a couple times a week in the summer and once a week in the winter. 

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  • Wash It Off 8 of 11

    It's a pain, I know. But washing your makeup off every night is SO important. It unclogs pores, rinses away the day's residue, and just makes you feel clean as you hit that nice, soft pillow. Too tired some nights to do the whole regimen? Then keep some makeup removing wipes around. 

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  • Sulfate-free 9 of 11

    Sulfates can strip away moisture from your skin. Look for sulfate-free body wash (try this one from Palmer's) and face wash (this from L'Oreal) to help keep the moisture in.

  • Exercise 10 of 11

    It's not a resolutions list if it doesn't include some form of exercise, right? Not only is exercising good for your muscles and bones, it's good for the skin, too. It delivers oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Plus it makes you feel great. Even better, the increased blood flow gives you a healthy glow all around. 

    [photo source]

  • Smile 11 of 11

    Sounds lame, but a smile is your best feature. I promise. A happy, smiling face looks beautiful when others see you. It actually makes you feel better, too. Smile more often in 2014.

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