Disney Planes Premiere: Soar Down the Red Carpet

Disney provided Megan an expenses-paid press trip to LA to cover the premiere of Disney Planes. She wasn’t required to like any of it, so the fact that she loved it was a dash of bonus pixie dust.

While drying my hair Tuesday morning, my phone began blinking at me with messages ranging from, “No fair!” to “Lucky!” and finally, “Jealous! No fair! Lucky!”

All from Twitter. All from people not yet old enough to vote. In short, the Disney Channel had exploded on my phone, and it was playfully fussing at me in that “poke, pinch, and run” kind of way pre-teens are won’t to do. Purple Plane at Disney Planes Premiere

Ah. I see what happened.

When I woke up at the Roosevelt Hotel overlooking Hollywood Blvd Tuesday morning, I tweeted a photo of me with Peyton List at the Disney Planes premiere the night before.

Peyton plays “Emma” on the Disney Channel show Jessie. Initially, I texted the photo back home to my kids, fingers-crossed, hoping that they would finally be impressed with some of the stuff mom does every now and then.

Then the pre-teen girl in me became a smidge proud and tweeted the photo. I would have loved to have attended a Disney premiere when I was younger, and I try to remember what that 12-year-old would have wanted to do and see and experience.

Peyton was the only celebrity I stopped and asked for a photo with at the premiere. I am a hawk when it comes to spotting the stars, but capturing them for the labyrinth that is my phone isn’t my particular poison. Peyton was different, though. My kids adore Jessie. We are huge across-the-board Disney Channel fans.

Satisfied with sharing my “Mom score” on Twitter with all of my other parent friends who would understand my consistent failures to inspire awe in my kids with how cool I am, I hustled to prepare for the rest of my day at the Disney Studios lot. Somewhere between applying wrinkle cream and curling youth into my grays, Peyton List retweeted our photo.


I have to smile thinking about it. I watched Peyton for a while that day, stopping frequently to take photos with fans on the sidelines, waving to those too far away, and never faltering in her kindness. As a mom, I was proud.

(insert eye roll) Moms shouldn’t get to meet Peyton List! My kids didn’t think it was fair, either, though they understand it’s work. The 12-year-old in me really didn’t think it was fair. She’s assertive in her judgments of “fair” and “cool.” 36-year-old me attending the premiere of Disney Planes did not fall into the “fair” category.

But it was cool. Click through the slideshow to see all the fun:

  • Click through for a ride down the landing zone of the Disney Planes premiere! 1 of 17
    Disney Planes: Soar Down the Red Carpet!

    All the fun, games, prizes, and stars! What treats would have made Dusty Crophopper proud? Could you have beat me in the games? (hint: yes.) And who wants to dive into cotton candy clouds? We do!

  • Welcome to the Disney Planes Premiere! 2 of 17

    Before the crowds arrive, Target redefines the term "runway."

    photo credit: Disney

  • Fly the red carpet. 3 of 17
    World Premiere Of "Disney's Planes" - Target Landing Zone

    Balloon planes navigate the red carpet arrivals. How cute are they?

    Notice the line to the left behind the rope? That's where those in our press trip entered. That's also how so many of us ended up smiling like goofballs behind Teri Hatcher and other stars as they posed for the press.

    photo credit: Disney

  • Air Traffic Control! 4 of 17
    Air traffic control along the red carpet at Disney Planes premiere.

    The entertainment begins before you even enter the pre-party.

    photo credit: Disney

  • So much fun as the landing zone fills! 5 of 17
    Target's Landing Strip fills with guests for Disney Planes premiere.

    Fun and prizes ahead!

  • Can you direct planes and juggle at the same time? 6 of 17
    Traffic controllers juggle along the landing zone at Disney Planes premiere.

    Look at the pilots in training in their green jumpsuits!

  • Hollywood Blvd full of games and treats! 7 of 17
    Stalls full of games and treats at the Disney Planes premiere.

    The premiere pre-party on Hollywood Blvd was designed as a carnival midway, full of stalls with games and Target Planes toy prizes. 


    (yep, that's Rebecca Woolf from Girls Gone Child with her family, just as adorable as you picture)

  • Sponsored by Target, our party hosts put on quite the show. 8 of 17
    Planes Premiere sponsored by Target. Check out the goodies!

    Check out the wide selection of Disney Planes toys available at Target now!

    photo credit: Disney

  • Ripslinger’s Slingshot! 9 of 17
    A midway favorite at the Disney Planes premiere: Ripslinger's Slingshot!

    A midway favorite, shoot your cannon through the hole and win a prize! I was absolutely and thoroughly beaten by a couple of little boys. I insisted for aiming for the smallest hole. Shoot!

  • Bullseye Balloon Pop! 10 of 17
    Bullseye Balloon Pop on Target's landing strip at the Disney Planes Premiere!

    Ages 6 and up. I still didn't win. But check out those Planes backpacks!

    photo credit: Disney

  • Dusty Crophopper would love these corn treats! 11 of 17
    Dusty Crophopper would approve of the snacks at Disney Planes premiere!

    Dusty's crop dusting has yielded excellent (and yummy) results!

  • Cotton Candy Clouds 12 of 17
    Cotton candy clouds at the Disney Planes premiere

    Don't you just want to run your hands over them? She won't let you. Apparently.

  • Celebrities soared through. 13 of 17
    Alyssa Milano and Peter Fascinelli at the Disney Planes premiere

    Of course, there were more than Disney Channel stars at the premiere. I ran into Alyssa Milano no fewer than 5 times before I caved and took a photo of her passing. And look at how cute Julie from The Stir is with Peter Fascinelli! (psst... he's Edward's dad in Twilight. you know, among other things.)

  • Disney Channel stars are the best. 14 of 17
    Peyton List and Cameron Boyce from Disney Channel's "Jessie" at Disney Planes premiere (with Megan from

    Peyton List and Cameron Boyce from Disney Channel's "Jessie": Notice how these kids know how to lean into a pose while I lean back and, oh good grief. ;) According to Cameron, this was his photo bomb face.


    (I did love my Route 66 color scheme dress a la "World of Cars.") 

  • Showtime at El Capitan Theater! 15 of 17
    Air traffic control guides guests into El Capitan Theater for Disney Planes premiere

    Our traffic controllers guide the crowd into El Capitan for the Disney Planes Premiere.

     photo credit: Disney

  • No photos allowed inside… 16 of 17
    Inside El Capitan theater during Disney Planes premiere.

    ... but maybe just this one with my phone. That's a 1920's organ, playing live while we are seated. It was as awesome as you imagine.

  • Disney Planes premiere at El Capitan theater on Hollywood Boulevard 17 of 17
    Disney Planes premiere at El Capitan theater on Hollywood Blvd

    So, how was the movie? Read on below to find out!

• • •

Planes hits theaters this weekend, Disney’s new animated wonder taking place in (and above!) the world of Cars. From Disney:

“Disney’s Planes” is an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure featuring Dusty (voice of Dane Cook), a plane with dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer. But Dusty’s not exactly built for racing—and he happens to be afraid of heights. So he turns to a seasoned naval aviator who helps Dusty qualify to take on the defending champ of the race circuit. Dusty’s courage is put to the ultimate test as he aims to reach heights he never dreamed possible, giving a spellbound world the inspiration to soar.

As a family of boys (plus one little girl), we are huge Cars fans and are exceedingly excited for this release. I will say, if you loved Cars, you’ll like Planes. Granted, that love/ like statement would ideally be flipped, but Cars is tough to beat. How about: If you liked Cars 2, you’ll love Planes!

Dusty from Disney PlanesBut enough comparisons.

Lots of fun characters (El Chupacabra evoked the most big laughs during our screening), this will be a sure win with your family.

As a grown-up, I wanted maybe an extra five minutes toward the beginning to help me care about why Dusty wanted to qualify for the big race, but I doubt the kids will notice such pacing minutia. Dane Cook was as solid as Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen and probably could have done with a little more freedom to be more Dane.

The end of the summer needs a great family movie and Planes delivers just that.
#DisneyPlanes (rated PG) has landed in theaters now!

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(Thank you again to Disney for bringing me out for the premiere! It may not have been fair that a mom got to go, but as soon as I hit publish on this, I’m taking the whole family to see it tonight! We may have to stop at Target on the way home…)

• • •

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