Well, goodness gracious, this was an insane week.  I was speaking to my friend Maile on the phone yesterday, and detailed everything that went on since Monday:  business challenges, moments of insane laughter, a bit of fear (in the form of a tornado warning) and worry about a friend who is facing his imminent mortality.

“Dude, your life has been the definition of a roller coaster, lately,” she said empathetically.

“You ain’t lyin’,” I agreed.

But as I look over the images that I’ve taken over the past few days, I realize that the week was punctuated by little touchstones:  small reminders that I have a good life, a warm home, good family, and some seriously amazing friends.  With all of the highs and lows, I am an incredibly lucky person.

(And today’s Friday the 13th — my particularly lucky day!)

Here’s how my week looked:







Hope you had a wonderful week, friends.  Did you notice any touchstones to remind you of the good in your life?

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