Travels Well with Pimps and Hos, but Probably Not Her Husband.

I spent last week in New York and if you’ve never been to New York then you should know it’s like living inside a toddler except that you’re not entirely responsible for it. It is all GO! GO! GO! mingled with loud noises and horrible smells while at the same time it’s magical and wonderful and you wouldn’t trade it for anything except for a nap. This was my fifth time going to New York and my first time being quite happy to leave, the Midwestern life suits me super well, thanks. As I was walking down some busy street trying to dodge the awkwardly warm and stinky updrafts from the subway grates, my best friend said “I’m not so sure how I would handle living in a city where anything goes.” We’re both pretty comfortable in our practical shoes, our sensible haircuts and well fitting thrift store jeans. We like getting in our midsize SUVs to drive to the grocery store and not feeling like we’re missing out on a whole lot once the sun goes down.

That isn’t to say I did my absolute best Carrie Bradshaw impression as I walked to lunch at the Plaza. The only problem is I spent the whole time looking up at all the buildings and I about lost my tourist mind when I walked into the Plaza and I was all “SNAP SNAP!” with my camera. Way to play it cool there Casey.

I travel well, but traveling can wear on me. What was supposed to be a 5 hour trip back home to Indiana from New York turned into a 36 hour adventure with two cancelled flights, a night at a stranger’s house, a really angry husband and the most spectacular lemonade from lemons opportunity ever. You could drop me in the middle of the country with $5 and I could find my way home, and chances are I would enjoy myself in the process. Cody on the other hand, well. Let’s just say we considered taking different flights to Florida this weekend so he didn’t have to deal with my laid back travel attitude and I didn’t have to deal with his ZOMGSOUPTIGHT travel persona. There’s very few people I could have enjoyed a 36 hour delay with and I’m fairly certain my husband isn’t one of them.

Sad right?

I’m okay with flying by the seat of my pants, things will work out! It will all be okay! After all, I’m still alive aren’t I? One time when I was 18 I left a club with one set of friends thinking my other friends would wait for me, surprise! No one waited for me and I was left all alone on the dodgy side of the city in a tiny dress and stupid boots at one in the morning. On my way to a hotel to call my boyfriend (who would be FURIOUS with me) a gold Cadillac pulled up and asked if I needed a ride. The passenger was a well dressed woman in her 20′s and the driver a well dressed guy around the same age.

I figured if I was going to die? In the back of a very nice Cadillac wouldn’t be the worst way to go. (Especially when compared to how well my boyfriend would take to me being out alone after midnight.)

I got in and told them where I lived (kind of, I told them a block away, I’m not ENTIRELY stupid) I had to give them directions as they were from out of town. “Recruiting” he said.

My silence must have been longer than I thought because the girl turned around and said “Don’t tell me you never rode around with a pimp and a ho before!”

Well then.

I’m pleased to report I made it home with no new career ambitions but with a bit more faith that I could take care of myself. (P.S. Addie and Vivi? If you ever accept a ride from a gold Cadillac at one a.m. across from Pioneer Park? I WILL KILL YOU DEAD. xo-mama.)

Cody and I are headed into entirely new territory for a week on Saturday. New countries, new boats, new everything. There will probably be some panic from both of us, there will probably be some arguing when I insist that “EVERYTHING’S FINE!” and he insists we’re lost and as good as dead, but it will be fine. FIIINE!

There’s a twee bit of anxiety that our marriage may not last a week long cruise, it may not even survive the shuttle ride.

Traveling with your spouse, darling or disaster?…next week on Shutter Lovely

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