True Love Between Mothers

Still crazy after all these years...

Still crazy after all these years…

So this is going to be a love letter.  It’s also for you, so read on…

When Sam and I first started to blog here at EOTS we didn’t enter into this relationship lightly: Our relationship with you, that is.  We came up with lists upon lists of topics we wanted to delve into that we hoped would incite, inspire, make you laugh and most of all get a conversation rolling.  For the first time I publicly wrote about my Postpartum challenges, Sam wrote a piece about her 72 months of breastfeeding that sparked outrage and instead of backing away it encouraged us to write another post claiming that sometimes breastfeeding SUCKS (your boobs are not always a magic nectar fountain like the books tell you).

Through our journey blogging we were stunned to find out there was a “Mommy War” where women met up at the local community center and wrestled in bacon fat until someone was declared the BETTER MOTHER.  Okay, that’s not entirely the case but the conversation felt as barbaric, smelly and slippery.  Because the truth is, 97% of mother’s out there don’t think they are doing it better than you.  They actually think they are, for the most part, failing desperately in the areas of keeping their child fed well, dressed well, reading well, communicating well, brushing their teeth well and – insert a thousand other topics here – well.  The irony being the Mommy War is really a war on oneself where the only people putting out the fires are, you guessed it, other mothers.  I can’t even express where I would be if it wasn’t for the open hearts and deep guttural laughs of other mothers.  I survived motherhood/parenthood, scratch that, I AM surviving motherhood/parenthood because of other mothers.  Because of you. I’m sure I’m not alone in this sentiment.

Which brings me to Samantha Bee, with whom I share this space and a huge chunk of my life.  In the world of mothering she is my sidekick, my amigo and my Tonto (depending on who is the Lone Ranger that week).  I am truly blessed to have found someone with whom I share such deep symbiosis and unfiltered friendship: We always had this together as friends but motherhood took us to the next level.  She has taught me things about myself that I never took the time to notice and continues to make me laugh after all these years. In the world of female friendship we truly love each other.  And as I write this I’m sure you can think of all those women in your own life where there is no “war” but only admiration and respect.

So my wish for 2014 is that we continue as mothers, you and us, to have each other’s back.  We are gifted with nurturing souls, not just for our children but for each other.

Okay, damn it, now I’m crying.  But, man, I love ya.


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