Ugh! I'm sick

Ugh! I’m Sick…

OK. Now I’m blogging because you’re the only people I can talk to at this time of day.  It’s 4:25am.  I’m sooooo tired.  The baby gets up this time every day.  I’m hoping once we are home for a while, my husband will come to bed before midnight and I will average more than 4 hrs of sleep a night. We still are, kind of, on West Coast time so, midnight here, is 10PM to our bodies.

I try to keep the kids on a regular schedule when traveling.  Bed at 8 Central  – which is 9PM on the East coast, 6PM on the West coast. So they are just doing what is natural.  The bad part about it is, it takes a toll on my body.  Today I got up congested, and feeling horrible.  I’m sick.  I’m bummed because I have a show with Blake Shelton this weekend and don’t want to walk on stage with a crappy voice. Ya know, that funny part of a cold, when your voice squeaks. My “set” is not easy and a “squeaky” voice can’t pull it off. So, add tired and sick with nervousness ?  ugh!

God Please help me feel better before Saturday!