Ultrasound Off

I have found in my travels as a blogger who moms, that when it comes to posting ultrasound images in public forums, there are two camps that exist:

1. Those who care.

2. Those who do not care at all and wish you wouldn’t keep posting that shit on facebook dear god why.

Some people think they’re awesome and delightful and inspiring and beautiful. Others think they’re weird and disconcerting and “put that away right this instant! Your Skeletor baby is WEIRD!”

My Daughter

Fable @ 21 weeks gestation

Before I had kids I didn’t get it. “Why would you want the world to see your weird embryo-fetus-creature’s skeleton?” I never could tell what was in the picture and even if I did, it freaked me out a little bit. A. It didn’t look human. B. It was inside someone’s uterus, which, ew. C. I felt like I was invading its privacy. D. Can’t you wait until your child is born before showing off his/her photo?

Hold me Closer Tiny Grapeseed

Fable @ 8 weeks gestation. And now she’s in preschool! Ahhhhh!!!

twins @ eight weeks gestation and now they’re…  almost born Ahhhh!!!!

…That was until I became pregnant with my first child and every ultrasound suddenly became the most incredible, miraculous, BEAUTIFUL image in the history of always. I remember getting that first ultrasound picture when I was pregnant with Archer and taping it to my dashboard. And with Fable, I posted every one of her ultrasounds on GGC for everyone to see… and probably roll their eyes, but did I care? Fuck no! Because to me? Those shadowy images of my microscopic baby were EVERYTHING.  Sure, she was a little funky looking to an outsider’s eye but to me, she was perfection and I loved every bone in her tiny bird hand.

With this pregnancy, I’ve collected well over a dozen ultrasound images based on the fact I’ve been ultrasounded like clockwork every two weeks since I first found out I was carrying twins. And I’ve shared most of them. I even went so far as to edit and post a three-minute video (complete with Sufjan Stevens soundtrack) of the twins swimming around my uterus together. Why? Because it’s fascinating!

To me.

…I think ultrasound images are fascinating… like trying to understand the afterlife, the ultrasound is all we have of the beforelife, the evolution of embro to fetus and beyond…

ultrasound, baby B, twenty-six weeks

Twin 1 of 2, 26 weeks gestation

And it isn’t just my kids. I study stranger’s ultrasound images with the same awe and interest. Because this is what life looks like! This is where we all come from! Tiny fishes from the same pools of darkness.

And yet, many are divided on the subject of stranger’s ultrasounds…

And so, once again, I turn to you:

Posting ultrasounds in public forums. Are you in? (Cue Project Runway music.) Or are you out?

… In the meantime, here is another picture of MY UNBORN BABIES, WOOOOOO!

A + B, week 26.5


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