WaterAid Discusses the Global Water Crisis at Blogger Luncheon in Manhattan

Jennifer James
Photo: Rebecca Levey

I had the great honor of giving opening remarks yesterday at a Manhattan blogger luncheon hosted by Global Team of 200 member, Jennifer Wagner, for WaterAid America. You might not have heard about WaterAid before today, but it’s the oldest NGO that works specifically on water and sanitation issues. Launched in the UK over 40 years ago, WaterAid has 700 employees worldwide who work to bring clean water to communities in need. In my opening remarks I spoke a little about Mom Bloggers for Social Good as well as my upcoming trip to India where I will be able to meet members of WaterAid’s Delhi team. And finally and most importantly I introduced Hallie Tamez, the Director of Development for WaterAid America
Tamez, who is deeply entrenched in the water crisis, has seen communities that do not have access to clean water up front. Tamez shared her personal story about working in Nepal and being heartbroken over learning an infant who she had grown quite fond of died from contaminated water. 800 million people globally do not have safe drinking water and 2.5 billion do not have access to toilets which leads to a never-ending cycle of poverty, water scarcity and water contamination from open defecation. A mere $25 can provide clean water to one person for an entire year. That’s how affordable it is to give people life. Learn more about WaterAid at

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