Welcome, Matte (Makeup)


Step aside, sparkly eye shadow and shimmering powder. Lately, matte makeup has begun pushing aside the glitter and becoming the newest makeup trend. Thankfully, though, we’re not talking about the heavy, caked-on matte makeup from the 80s. The new stuff gives you a smooth and natural look…but it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard to hide something. This great coverage comes with a shine-free finish that lasts all day.

Besides how it looks, there are several other things I love about matte:

1. It usually doesn’t contain mineral oil or petroleum, which means it doesn’t need to be touched up as often.

2. You can apply it with your fingers for less coverage or a brush for more. It’s great for oily skin because it absorbs the oil. Those with non-oily skin can use it too…but you may not need as much.

3. It covers the flaws. Shimmer makeup tends to draw attention to imperfections because the light catches it. Matte makeup covers these and looks smooth all over.

Here are a few of my fave matte makeup tips and products.

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    Matte Foundation

    Apply moisturizer first if you have combination or dry skin. It'll keep the skin smooth and help makeup last longer. After it has soaked in, apply matte foundation with a brush or sponge. Then use a fluffy round brush to apply powder. I love NARS products, and they offer a wide array of foundation colors. 

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    Eye Shadow

    Prime your lids so the color stays but doesn't look caked on. Apply a light color across the entire lid to brighten up your eyes. If using colors, it doesn't take much with matte eyeshadow. Gradually apply it to create a blended look. Use an eyeshadow brush or your finger to dab it on. It helps cover better than swiping it on the lid. Too Faced offers an easy palette of colors to experiment with matte eyeshadow.

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    Matte topcoats are a fun way to change up your nail color, and is more chip-resistant than the glossy stuff. Paint your nails whatever color you'd like and then apply a layer of matte topcoat. It changes every color into something new. OPI makes a matte topcoat a a great price. 

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    Matte lipstick requires a little more effort than satin or semi-matte lipstick. It's best to gently exfoliate first and then moisturize with a balm. Then use a lip brush and lip liner. Just remember to keep lips hydrated because a matte finish can make your lips look dryer. NARS also makes great colors in matte lipstick and lip pencils.