What Goes Up, Must Come Down


It seems my kids are incapable of taking off their socks without turning them inside out. They’re incapable of putting their bikes anywhere but in a heap on the driveway. They can’t seem to put their plates in the dishwasher without fifteen reminders. And you can just forget about them ever figuring out something as complicated as the toilet paper holder. Their shoes can be found pretty much anywhere in the house except on the shoe rack. Despite numerous reminders, homework remains scattered about the house during the night until the morning scramble to get out the door. They think the ‘no eating in the family room’ rule doesn’t apply to them, and that sleeves and napkins are interchangeable. 

But today, I discovered a brand-spanking-new task they’re incapable of.  They (or more precisely, Clayton) apparently do not know how to eat an apple.

It doesn’t seem too difficult, does it? 

Step 1:  Grab an apple.

Step 2:  Eat it.

Complicated stuff, no?

Clay, however, grabbed an apple and, instead of eating it, threw it in the air.  Lo and behold . . .

It stuck on the air conditioning vent.  On the ceiling.  Yeah.

Congratulations, Clayton, for finding a new way to amaze me.

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