What Great Parents Read To Their Kids

Do you love to read to your children but constantly run out of ideas for what to read that’s not completely torturous? Yeah, me too. If you have any great book ideas that a couple of five-year-olds — one who loves smearing lipstick all over her face and the other who has taken to wearing bow ties — would enjoy please leave them in the comments.






Luckily for you, I have a few suggestions of my own. Now go get some of these. You don’t want your kids to be dumb asses right? Why did I have to go out like that? Sorry.

  • Children Make Terrible Pets 1 of 7
    Children Make Terrible Pets
    So this book is about a bear who finds a toddler and wants to keep it as a pet. Of course the mama bear is annoyed because, well you know, bears cubs are not all that responsible and toddlers are a biiiig responsibility. But you'll never believe how it ends! Okay, you will. But the kids love it.
  • Duck Soup 2 of 7
    Duck Soup
    You probably already have this book. Fine, you're a better parent than I am. Happy? I guess I was a little late to the game but this is a great story about a duck who is a great chef and embarks on making a masterpiece of a soup if he could only find that one special ingredient. Hijinks ensue when his friends come over to taste it and can't find him!
  • Fancy Nancy 3 of 7
    Fancy Nancy
    So this is currently one of Sadie's favorite books ever. I guess it's OFN (original Fancy Nancy). In this story, Fancy Nancy is a very Fancy little girl. She lurves pink, accessories, pink accessories and using fancy words. Yes, she's a lot like Sadie. FN tries to teach her whole family to be fancy by teaching a class. Hint: one of the tips is to stick your pinky out when you eat! You're welcome!
  • Fancy Nancy Boutique 4 of 7
    Fancy Nancy Boutique
    In this fancy story, Fancy Nancy buys her little sister a pirate eye patch for her birthday (she's a girl who loves pirate stuff! Like Matilda!) but due to a variety of reasons which you'll need to read the book to find out, she has to start up a boutique to make a little more money. Kids could learn a lot from this girl. And possibly need less allowance.
  • Flat Stanley 5 of 7
    Flat Stanley
    This one is currently Matilda's fave book ever. We took it out of the library but once we returned it she never stopped wanting to hear it. Well, every time we went to the library it was checked out so eventually we broke down and bought it. It's all about a boy who gets flat (and not from counting points on Weight Watchers) and tries to use his flatness for good. Also there are some "sneak thieves." I love that. How can you not love a book that involves sneak thieves? You can't. I dare you!
  • I Am Not Going To School 6 of 7
    I Am Not Going To School
    This is a book about a boy who is nervous about his first day of preschool and, of course, has a great day. Now my kids have been going to preschool for three years and they still have to be convinced to go every day. I'm not sure if they are the target audience but I keep trying. Of these type of books this one is really good.
  • Tikki Tikki Tembo 7 of 7
    Tikki Tikki Tembo
    Have you read this classic tale of two Chinese boys who repeatedly fall into a well? Why do they keep playing near the well? Are those rice cakes any good? Why is the old man with the ladder so slow? We may never get to the bottom of any of these questions but we read this one over and over and over in my house and I love it every time.

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