What I Wear To Work: Part Two


On days that I go into the Events office in Austin, I wear something a little more spiffy…a little more spiffy than pajamas, that is.

And today, besides doing some exciting events items (Seriously, two amazing things happend today! Can’t wait to tell you about them. Really.), I went next door to be the “Mystery Reader” in my son’s first grade class. So I’m looking pretty mysterious.

Basically, I’m rocking the Ludwig van Beethoven look.

Check it.


It seems I didn’t realize just how many ruffles were on this shirt until it was waaay too late… miles away too late.

The Bold Curve , jeans are super comfortable though.

The kids in Austin (read: the 100K UT students who are absolutely everywhere) are committed to wearing skinny jeans with boots…an amazing assortment of boots. (I salute them for their boots.) And I think they’re on to something…and perhaps, I’ve decided that this jeans/boots combo is my new Fall wardrobe.

But, moving forward, I’ll probably lose the ruffles. Maybe.

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