What I Wear To Work: Part One


I do at least three different kinds of jobs during the day…four or seven if I really think about it…and each of these jobs requires a different uniform, of sorts.

For writing, it’s jeans. And that’s what I’m talking about today. Check it.

This house, because it’s full of projects, is not optimal for writing yet. Things happen here all day long. For instance, five minutes ago, my dad just showed up and needed to get a refrigerator out of the barn. That’s the kind of thing that could happen at any minute around here. Someone needs to demolish some countertops. Someone else could be dropping off 100 pounds of compost. You never know. So jeans are good.

As I’ve mentioned, I have jeans, but I don’t love them..  But last week I took the Levi’s Curve ID quiz and I’m digging these stretchy jeans.  They are working for me.

What works for you at work?

A big thanks to Levi’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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