What If Parents Lived by Kid Rules

What if parents lived by kid rules?

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Kids and rules. You know how it goes.


“You know better than that!”

“Stop that right now!”

Kids have it so good, right?

I know…when you read the above admonishments you thought I meant how kids hear every day that, no…they can’t have ice cream for dessert; that they know better than to try to clean the dog’s whiskers with THEIR OWN TOOTHBRUSH; and that they need to stop throwing water balloons in the house right now!


But that’s not what I was talking about. I’m talking about the rules we impose upon ourselves as adults because we aren’t children anymore. Things we can’t do because we’re way too mature. Because we’ve left those childish ways behind.

I got to thinking about this watching my kids play Disney Infinity. In the Disney Infinity Toy Box, there are no set rules. You create the games, you create the rules, you create the places and everything is limited only by your imagination.

Here’s a glimpse into a world where adults live by the same rules as kids:

  • Adults Would ALWAYS Want to Be at the Playground. 1 of 6

    And we'd try to swing aaaall the way around the swing set.

  • Sometimes You’d Just Have to Kiss a T-Rex. 2 of 6

    We couldn't help ourselves. In a world without rules, we wouldn't be bogged down with everyday hassles. We'd be all about the silly!

  • No. Not Only Fun. Mandatory. 3 of 6

    In a world without rules, this would be the exception the proves the rule. Or something. Basically, we'd all be wearing costumes all the time.

  • Playdates With Good Friends Who Know How to Perfect the Photobombs! 4 of 6

    And good friends who bring out the giggles in you. Always.

  • Seriously, at what age did jumping on the bed stop being okay? 5 of 6

    I cry foul on that. We really should be jumping on beds All. The. Time!

  • Seriously, how cool would that be? 6 of 6

    Kid rules are wasted on kids.

What would you do if you could live by kid rules? Tell us in the comments!

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