What Keeps Me Running

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about surprising myself with my new found love of running.

I’ve tried running several times over the past couple of years and it’s never gone anywhere, but this time – the 3rd time has been the charm for me.

reebok running shoes


I’ve finally found my groove with running, and because I know how hard it is to start something new – especially something as daunting as running.  Let’s face it, it’s easy to get disappointed and discouraged if you don’t feel like you’re meeting the goals you want to, doing as well as you would like, or even feel pain – and let’s be real – starting running and challenging those muscles in ways they aren’t used to being driven.. yeah that can be a smidge painful.

Running has become a new passion for me, and I want to share with y’all the things that have helped me to find joy in it, keep going – the things that keep me running.

First, you must have COMFORTABLE RUNNING SHOES!  Oh yes, I just used all caps, I want y’all to realize how important these are!  You must have shoes that are comfortable, give you support in the right places, and are made for running.  Every one of us is different, every foot is different – if you’re serious about jogging/running – go find a place that will fit your foot, that will watch how you run and walk, and will determine the shoes that will be the best for your foot.  If you have the wrong shoes, you’ll literally start this journey off on the wrong foot.  My shoes are the DMX Sky by Reebok and they’re hands down the most comfortable running shoes I’ve ever owned/worn.

2. Music – music sets the pace for me, it picks me up, it keeps me going, it energizes me, it gives my mind something to wrap around and play with SQUIRREL! while I run.  You can google ‘running playlists’ and come across a ton of inspiration.  Personally – I’d start with Angry Julie Monday’s Totally Rad Running Songs post – she has kick ass taste in music and our playlists are really similar.  A few of the songs that I run to are:

Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Are We All We Are by P!nk

Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys

I Love Rock n Roll by Joan Jett

Loser Like Me by The Glee Cast

Scream and Shout by and Britney Spears

3. Tracking  I downloaded the Couch to 5K app from iTunes after seeing person after person talking about it on Twitter and Facebook.  This is my 3rd time trying it and the first time that I’ve made it past week 2 day 2.  When I started out, I couldn’t jog the Week 1 Day 1 completely and now I’m about to start Week 5 Day 1 which features three 5 minute runs and two 3 minute runs.  I’m facing that down with a little fear, but more than anything I’m facing it with excitement and pride.  The app costs $1.99 and is worth every penny.  You can even choose from different trainers with different *management* styles:


Yes.  You can have a zombie encouraging you while you run, I love apps with personality.  The log and free run options are two of the things that I think appeal to people about this app, I know it’s part of why it’s so successful for me.

4. Support  Man is not an island and neither is a woman running.  A good support system is a must for all aspects of life, but the support that I’ve found in the #C25K community on Twitter and through the #Rfr5K community is awesome.  They cheer you on, they offer encouragement and support, and empathy.  Using those hashtags on twitter and instagram is immediately adding yourself to communities of others in all stages of running – from the newbies just starting out, the ones with no end goal other than fitness, all the way to marathoners.  Community is huge, and the communities surrounding those 2 hashtags is fantastic.  #Rfr5k is actually a part of a website the Red Faced Runners – they’re pretty fantastic and you can read more about them on Red Faced Runners

Okay – those are my top 4 things that have helped me to start running and keep running!

Do you run?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Article Posted 3 years Ago
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