What You Should Know- Vol. 3


What you should know. March 2012


Your monthly collection of new things I learned, cool ideas and random awesomeness from the last 30 days online.


Your snooze button habit is wrecking your day.

A study says men who do more housework get less sex. Well, not in my house! :)

Salad is more dangerous than burgers?

Rethink the women’s magazine marriage advice about chores. The even division of labor is a fairy tale.


Stuff that will impress your family-

How to make delish and healthier cheese crackers.

You can make a glow bottle from a soda bottle and household items.

Directions for building a green bean teepee in your garden. Love it.


Useful knowledge that I hope we do not need-

How to survive a bear attack.



Dolphins are um, well, um, you’ll see.

Sitting at a table with friends? Here’s how to choose the right seat. 



Is it time for a raise? There’s a chart for that.

What to do when you hate your job.


What did you learn, discover, create in the last 30 days? Share it in the comments!

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