When Your Kids Act Like Freaks...(Grab Your Camera So You Have Material for Their Wedding Videos)

I was going through some pictures the other day. I really love looking at old photos! When my kids were younger, they looked a lot alike. In fact, I have a hard time telling them apart in old photographs. I usually have to use context clues to figure out who is in the picture. Hmmmm, the wall is green in this picture so it can’t be Brooklyn because we’d painted over that wall when she was born. There are sports curtains in the room, so this can’t be Austin. Maybe it’s Clay?

As I was flipping through pictures, trying to figure out who was who, I noticed that I have a lot (and I mean A LOT) of pictures of my kids looking like freaks. Is it just me, or does everyone have boxes of photos like this? I really want to be reassured that everyone’s kids act like lunatics and do goofy things, and it’s not exclusive to my bunch. I chose a handful of photos to share here. Tell me that you have similar pictures of your own kids! Please!

On the bright side, even if my kids stand alone in their um, “uniqueness”, the good news is that I have plenty of material for their wedding videos! PLENTY of material!

  • Clayton 1 of 10
    I don't know what possessed him to put a handful of Qtips in every opening on his face, but he looks like John Cusak in Better Off Dead, no?.
  • Austin 2 of 10
    Apparently he was bored while we were camping. I frequently stick clothes pins to my face when I'm bored, don't you?
  • Clayton 3 of 10
    Here we have Infant Harry Potter complete with glasses and scar. Every time I had another baby, I think it gave my older kids a brand new toy to play with.
  • Clayton 4 of 10
    "Hey Mom, I'm ready for school!" Fashion statement? (Teaching my kids how to dress is a work in progress.)
  • Jackson 5 of 10
    This picture is from the time he learned that six-olds do not have 5:00 shadow and do not need to use razors.
  • Savannah 6 of 10
    This happened on the morning of the first day of preschool for Austin and Savannah. Black concentrated icing color everywhere! The purple pigment remained for days!
  • Brooklyn 7 of 10
    Again, my older kids like use the baby as their own personal toy (or in this case, canvas). Anyone else think she looks like the guy from the Pringles can?
  • Clayton 8 of 10
    Luke, I am your father. Now change my diaper.
  • Jackson 9 of 10
    Well now, that's a um, different use for nail polish. Ten points for creativity!
  • Lexington & Clayton 10 of 10
    Lexington & Clayton
    Uhhhh... You think Lexi wanted a little sister?

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