While We're On The Subject Of Boys...



Alternate Title: Why I Do Not Suggest Ever Using Our Upstairs Hall Bathroom

This is our round-up of bathroom essentials, for both the newly potty trained and the should-know-better-by-now:

(Not pictured: The bowl of stale Cheerios I used to keep in there for “aiming” help, because somebody ate them all.)

Antibacterial wipes, air fresheners, extra rolls of paper, wet wipes, cleansers…you see what I’m up against in there. We keep the cleaning stuff (mostly) accessible because the boys are technically responsible for cleaning up any major messes they create (with help and supervision, of course), but this requires them to NOTICE that they’ve completely missed the toilet and peed all over the wall. Far too much to ask, apparently, at this juncture.

However, I am tempted to print out the following annotated version for my children’s future reference:

The fact that I had to explain these distinctions ONE TIME, much less MULTIPLE REPEATED TIMES, is one of those things that I kind of wish someone had warned me about, but then again I PROBABLY WOULDN’T HAVE BELIEVED THEM.