Why Do I Bother Buying Them Toys?



You all know what I’m talking about. Anyone who has children and has ever received a large box in the mail or from a trip to Ikea knows what I’m talking about. What is the point in buying them toys when all they really want to play with is the box?!

Maybe a few pencils or crayons. But other than that, they are good to go. Hours, HOURS, of fun is had with a box. It has to be big enough to fit their cute little bodies into. Endless possibilities!

And if the package comes with bubble wrap, that’s a total bonus!

My kids will play, imagine, and make believe. Playing with boxes is a great way to get children to pretend play. One minute they are in a car and driving through the house. The next minute it’s a castle and they are draped in princess attire!

I was the same way as a kid. I remember being about 9 or 10 years old and my parents had a huge refrigerator box delivered. After cutting a few windows with some scissors, it made for a perfect play house. I remember even turning it into a school. I drew chairs and a “blackboard” on the inside. So. Much. Fun!!

Am I alone or do your kids beg for the box, fight over the box, stake claim to a box, and have hours of fun in a box? I love it!!

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