Why I Love My Kindle

If you still don’t own an electronic reading device (Kindle, Nook, Kobo), you’re behind the times. Also, you confuse me.

I love my Amazon Kindle (I’m now on my fourth) like a precious pet. Yes, really. And on some days, I feel my Kindle is a part of me. On every day, you’d be hard-pressed to try to pull it out of my clinging arms.

The three main reasons I love this piece of plastic a little too much?

  1. When you read 200 books a year, like I do, it’s hard to carry all those books around. Five years ago, I would find myself going on vacation for two weeks and carrying fifteen books. I’d have to pack carefully, ensuring that some of the books were “leave-behinds” so that my luggage would get lighter over the course of the trip. These days? My Kindle — and one paperback for airplane take-offs and landings — suffices.
  2.  There’s nothing quite like a free book, and the beauty of the Amazon Kindle program is that there is always something free to read. Now, granted, I don’t want to read free Paleo cookbooks or newbie author’s novels all day. But several days a week there is at least one great free Kindle book I do want to read, that I can download — for free. I keep my eyes and ears open for recommendations from friends and blogs, and also browse Amazon for their lists of free Kindle books, which are updated daily.
  3. The next best thing to a free book is a cheap book, and the Amazon Kindle program again excels here. Every day, there is at least one huge bestseller or critically acclaimed book on a deep discount that would be something I’d personally like to read or have already read and would gladly recommend to another. Keeping my eyes and ears peeled for these deals is also a critical part of my regular reading routine these days. Ultimately, when you do read so much, you don’t want to spend a fortune on books, and this helps to bring down my costs enormously. It also encourages me to at times to read great books that I might not have already heard of – but see because they are discounted and on a fresh $2.99 or $3.99 Amazon Kindle list. An awesome way to get exposure to new authors and find new folks I want to read more from.

If you haven’t tried a Kindle (or Nook or Kobo) I couldn’t’ recommend it more highly. And you might just get the $69 price back in the number of free books you’ll be able to download;)

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