'The Heat': Why You Should Get Your Butt In the Seat



Full Disclosure: I haven’t seen ‘The Heat’ yet. I usually see things after they’ve fermented on Netflix and iTunes, because I have small children and if I’m paying someone to watch them while I leave the house, what I want to do usually involves wine. But I’m going ASAP, and so should you. Here’s why:

Because it’s summer. And summer is the season to see the mindless thrillers and puerile comedies. And really, if you can suspend your belief for power-hungry zombies and non-Shakespearean men in tights that is the Avenger-Super-Iron-Part-Eleventeen Man now infiltrating our cinemas, you can do it for a cop buddy comedy.

Mort importantly, you should go see ‘The Heat’ because it’s a female cop buddy comedy. I know, it’s not like Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are hurting for cash so therefore need our help. But they do need our help in order to ensure another female comedic duo hits the screen anytime soon.

Nevermind that women still make less than men in the workforce, women in film still have a way to go as well. Director Paul Feig says, “I love the movies of the ’30s and ’40s where you had these strong female characters who were funny and they were equals — how that went away bothered me. ” Unfortunately, if “The Heat doesn’t deliver at the box office, it will go away again.

Women in comedy also have to contend with people like Rex Reed vilifying Melissa McCarthy for her “Oscar Madison” character portrayal, for which men from the beloved Walter Matthau to John Belushi to Seth Rogen are lauded.

In other words, Charming Potato (aka Channing Something….) can fail to deliver the numbers to the studio on this summer’s requisite “blow up the White House” movie, but it won’t hurt his career or the number of testosterone-driven explosion fests. Or as my favorite brain candy but smart guilty pleasure Lainey Gossip says, “That’s how the industry is set up right now. Adam Sandler can send out as much bullsh-t as he wants, over and over and over again, but women only get one chance. Just…maybe some incentive if you needed more to go see The Heat?”

Plus, as I always say, everyone loves Sandra Bullock.