Winter in New York: Capturing Our Family Trip to the Big Apple


We often travel to New York City for work, but the trips are rushed, intense, and over way too fast. But experience winter in New York, capturing our family trip, that was a new experience we all got to share the last two weeks!

For years, I’ve heard people tell me that we must come back to NYC in December because there is magic in the air: Christmas lights are everywhere, and if you’re lucky, it will snow for a perfect winter walk in Central Park. This is why when a special project came up for early December, we decided to jump on it! And guess what? We had all of the above happen during our stay in NYC. What a gift. The normal hustle and bustle of the city was quieted with unexpected snowfall. The bare trees in Central Park were almost black, leaving a gorgeous contrast to the thin layer of fresh, white snow. Hot cocoa to warm our hands never felt so good.

After we filmed a two-day project and had a couple of days of meetings, we were off to explore the city with our kids and the cousins. I had to capture it all for our family at home, especially grammie, papa, and the great-grandparents! (Note to grammie and gigi-ma: when you see the little speck in the background of us at Battery Park, that’s the Statue of Liberty!)

Check out our family trip to NYC this winter right here:

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