Yes, Your Son (Probably) Cares About His Clothes


I have three sons. One couldn’t care less about clothes — in fact, I’m convinced that he dresses in dirty tees and Adidas sweatpants just to annoy me (I love clothes!).

But my other two? They LOVE to dress up. One of them is a “theme” dresser, as in he dresses as Indiana Jones, or a bowler, or a presidential candidate. My other one, the one who’s three, loves his clothes so very much that he puts them away himself. Mostly. Well, at least he tries.

When I read this post in the Huffington Post about one mother’s reaction to her son’s simple question, “Will I get to wear beautiful man clothes?” (they were going to a wedding) I could so relate,

Later that night I told Dapper Husband about Little Dude’s question. I was cavalier, even flippant. Dapper Husband was not. He took Little Dude’s question seriously because he understood something that I did not. Where I saw a little boy being a little too interested in clothing, Dapper Husband understood that this was not about style. It was about a boy wanting to dress like his dad. Little Dude watches his dad get ready for work in the morning and that ritual involves something more than a ripped pair of jeans and a cement mixer t-shirt. It requires slacks, a belt, the occasional coat and tie. Little Dude thinks those are beautiful because they symbolize what it means not only to be a man in general, but also to be the man who looms largest in his life. I think that is beautiful.

Our boys deserve beautiful clothes too, don’t you think? Inspired, I found some for my little guys, thanks to Target.

  • Perfect Sweater 1 of 10
    Perfect Sweater
    Super cute stripes are always in style. Wear with jeans or dress pants -- either way, it works! $8.99 at Target
  • Cool Cords 2 of 10
    Cool Cords
    Corduroy pants are magic -- they look nice and dressy but can withstand rough little boys. $14.99 at Target
  • Red Balloon 3 of 10
    Red Balloon
    Just like daddy's! My sons love the short film "The Red Balloon" and this watch will remind them of that gentle story. $23.99 at Target
  • Classic Zip Sweater 4 of 10
    Classic Zip Sweater
    He'll love that he can take it off easily when he gets too hot. You love the classic good looks. Everyone's happy! $14.99 at Target
  • Scarf 5 of 10
    For your older boys, nothing is cozier and dressier than a nice scarf. Your son will feel like an adult when he wears this. $23.99 at Target
  • Dress Shirt 6 of 10
    Dress Shirt
    A dress shirt looks good with jeans and under a sweater. It can go to a wedding and over a tee. Your son needs one. $14.99 at Target
  • Converse with his dress clothes 7 of 10
    Converse with his dress clothes
    Beautiful doesn't have to mean boring, you know. $21.99 at Target
  • Mickey Mouse watch 8 of 10
    Mickey Mouse watch
    It's a real watch that's real fun. Who doesn't love Mickey? $30.99 at Target
  • A foxy knit hat 9 of 10
    A foxy knit hat
    Keep warm with a sense of whimsy. $7.99 at Target
  • The go with everything classic 10 of 10
    The go with everything classic
    Sure to become a wardrobe staple -- easy to match, easy to wear. $10.19 at Target

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