My kids love YO GABBA GABBA! I love it too. So, the chance to interview the creative talents behind this exceptional show, Christian Jacobs and Scott Schultz, is rad on so many levels. Gabba Groupies unite! Also, I’m psyched to share the news that YGG’s live show (aptly titled “Get the Sillies Out” is coming through town. (More on that later!)


Pacifying the Masses: Where do you find all of the creative energy and awesomeness? Give us your secrets!

Christian: WOW! I don’t know! I think just being a big kid myself. I am still excited
about new things, new music, new ideas, new places etc. I find joy in
simple times with my kids and family. I get really stoked on simple things
that are well designed and well thought out. I like when people go the
extra mile to make things better. You know, I love to collect toys, art
and all kinds of silly stuff …probably to my detriment! I think staying
young, enthusiastic and grateful is the secret to creative energy. The age
of discovery which Gabba was created to nurture should be something we
carry with us on to new horizons. You know, not letting the bad things in
life get to you but having fun with the ‘lemons’…. If that makes any
sense?? When life gives you lemons…. uh… throw them at the
skinheads… and then take them bowling! Make a lemon pie… have a lemon
Haha! I have no idea what i’m talking about!

Scott: The yo gabba gabba awesomeness definitely comes directly from my kids and each of their different personalities, wants, and things they have a tough time with. I’ve been lucky to have 4 kids so each season it seems i have a different perspective from the older ones and the younger ones.
The creative energy of the show I think comes from us being real fans of all types of childrens television from all eras and even different countries. theres so much exciting and strange stuff thats been made for kids, we just wanted to follow in that mindset that it didnt matter so much what was currently trending because there is so much awesomeness to be inspired by. and more particularly letting really great bands, musicians, DJ’s, animators, celebrities, filmmakers and even fine artists all contribute really great stuff to give to the new generation of kids. I kind of feel the same inspiration and awe by some of the great talent who contributes to our show in small but important ways.


Pacifying the Masses: Are your kids as obsessed with YO GABBA GABBA! as we are? Does YGG give you street creed with your kids’ friends?

Christian: HAHA! Awesome! I’m just stoked to hear the show is still making the kids

dance and smile!!! My kids are still into Gabba for sure but not really in the same ways.. they’re (sadly) getting older but they’ve literally been growing up on a steady diet of GABBA. I know my 2 older kids (Penelope 12 and Oskar 10) are at that point where they are starting to understand that Gabba is something very special and that not every Dad leaves the house in the morning to go to work dressed like a vampire( or what ever theme day it is on set)!! I think it’s setting in with them now like “Woah..Dad, a lot of people know about this… NOT JUST US!” haha! So that gives me some cred with them for sure. Plus, we have some cool Collaborations with some of our Kids favorite brands like VANS shoes, VOLCOM clothing,  or NEFF headwear and my kids are all “that’s the cool stuff Dad… Why do they wanna make GABBA shoes??!”  So that helps get me some cred with them too! HA!

Scott: Haha, yeah they go through phases. usually it starts when they are one, then two years old they are super fans. three they want to play with the toys and stuff but they have other shows they like too then by 5 or 6 they have moved on, but luckily there’s always been another kid in our family just starting out that same journey! I get street cred at school for sure. my 11 year old max who was the main inspiration for the show, is slightly embarrassed of the show but my 8 year old ollie tells everyone he meets about it and that embarasses me! Theres definitely a cool factor when kids at their school come to ask me about the show.

Pacifying the Masses: What’s harder: jumping into Gabba Land and managing the team, or getting your kids to clean up their toys?
Christian: In some ways, it’s kind of the same thing!! ha! But come on.. you have
kids… getting your kids to clean up their toys is such the eternal
struggle. It’s constantly a problem! So i will go with Kids cleaning up
toys is harder. When are they going to say to themselves  ‘hey, yesterday
I had to clean this same mess up .. and I got in trouble…maybe I should
clean it up now and just get it over with” I just want to know when that
logic kicks in!! HA!  Jumping into Gabbaland is a dream job. So fun, not
always easy, but SO much fun!

Scott: HAHA its way harder to get my kids to clean up their toys. I try to sing one of our various “clean up songs” to them but they just laugh and change the lyrics to something sarcastic and sing their response back to me. Dreaming up new stories and setting up gabbaland is such a hightlite in my life, i can’twait til the next season gets greenlit!! by now our gabba team is more like a family, everyone knows their job and usually ends up managing us! I love our crew and can’twait to work with all of them again.

Pacifying the Masses: What do you do to relax?

Christian: Lately, I’ve been rediscovering my love for food. HA HA! I’ve been working
in front of the camera this past year on a new show called the Aquabats
Super Show for the HUB network. I’ve been really watching my weight and my
diet since last summer. No sodas, no sugar, no gluten yadda yadda. Anyway,
since we’ve wrapped season one… I’ve found incredible relaxation and
solace in the delicious things in life… hahaha. Pizza, Fish Tacos, a
tall cold Dr.Pepper.. or two, ..and yes.. even Corn Dogs!! hahaha! That’s
also why my pants are getting too tight!  Other stuff I’ve been doing to
relax include catching up on reading stuff I’ve been meaning to read. I’ve
been reading these old fantasy and sci-fi novels from the 70’s that are so
weird but unintentionally hillarious. I do like to surf when I have time!
The ocean is usually pretty relaxing.  I love going to the beach with the
kids, and spending quiet time alone with my wife.    And… did I mention
bacon wrapped hot dogs?? hahaha!

Scott: Relaxing is hard with 3 rowdy boys and one energetic two year old! I actually feel very relaxed and creative while driving into the city and back out even with traffic. I love loud music and rushing air of all the windows rolled down. I also appreciate a quiet hot bath!

Pacifying the Masses: Favorite Song, and why?

Christian: Do you mean a favorite Yo Gabba Gabba song or like .. the national anthem?
haha! Is this a  general question or specific genre of music type song?? I
don’t know if I could ever have a ‘one’ Favorite song.. There are SO many
good ones out there. It’s like saying ‘what is the favorite day you’ve
ever been alive?’ Maybe you have a few favorite days you cherish but
heaven forbid…. not just one!!  I mean your talking to a guy that would
put the 7-up song, you know, “Feeling 7-up! I’m feeling 7-up!” in his top
100 songs of his time on earth! TOO MANY CATCHY SONGS SO LITTLE TIME! HAHA!

Scott: Whoa, tough question, this changes from week to week. i love music so much that its even hard for me to list my top 5 bands. if we’re talking yo gabba gabba I’d say its a tie between “try it youll like it” because it was the absolute first song we wrote as a proof of concept way before we even made the pilot. that song has reoccured several times in a the past 4 seasons. the second would be “party in my tummy” only because i had this really great scenario between the vegetables and this party that i would use with success on my own kids. so sitting down together with an idea for a heavy booty shaking beat we came up with a really iconic song that I still love every time i hear it. favorite non gabba songs might be Beach Boys “good vibrations” – Paul simon “punkys dilemma” – harpers bizarre “cotton candy sandman” or van dyke parks “come to the sunshine” or…. I’ll stop here because its too hard to decide.

Check out Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE rolling through a town near you:

LOS ANGELES – Nokia Theatre LA Live Friday, November 23rd – 2pm, 5:30pm – Public On-Sale: August 8th at 10 a.m. – ANAHEIM – Honda Center Saturday, November 24th – 2pm, 5:30pm – Public On-Sale: August 8th at 10 a.m. – NEW YORK – Theater at MSG Friday, November 30th – 5pm Saturday, December 1st – 11am, 2pm, 5pm Sunday, December 2nd – 11am, 2pm, 5pm – Public On-Sale: August 15th at 10 a.m.


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