You Don't Say: Disney Magic Greatest Hits Part Two


The Very Best Parts of a Disney CruiseI was convinced I took too many videos on our Disney Cruise in December, but now as I look back through them, I want more. MORE! Needless to say I’ve learned not to make fun of tourists who film everything from the flowers to their food. Sometimes there’s just too much to remember, and video is the best way to relive an amazing vacation. In my first video I gave you a glimpse into swimming with stingrays to pirate night. This next video features some of my most treasured moments including the character dance party (which is a must if you ever do go on a Disney Cruise) as well as the dining room staff singing my first baby into her eighth year.

It truly was a magical vacation.

The band you’ll hear are the Rodeo Rhythm Kings from Texas. They came onto the ship on Wednesday and performed on both Thursday and Friday–it was their first cruise gig and they seemed to love it. They were adored by both parents and children as well. I’m not sure another cruise would be complete without them. The more I go back and look at our photos and watch the videos from our trip the readier I am to go back (the terribly cold and gloomy weather may have something to do with that as well). Rather than forcing you to watch seven hours of cruise coverage, here’s the best bits condensed down to about three minutes.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

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