You Don't Say: Fall Fashion with Robbie Laughlin


Guess how much I know about fashion and trends? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Guess how much I know about dressing my body type? Eh, a little bit. Guess how much I know about black stretchy pants and hoodies? An embarrassing amount. So when I was asked if I would like to interview fashion expert Robbie Laughlin before a fashion show he hosted at a local Macy’s I though “I have absolutely nothing to ask him, aside from everything I’ve ever wanted to ask someone who knows about fashion.”

But here’s the thing, when I say “Everything I’ve ever wanted to know from someone who knows about fashion” we’re talking questions like “What do you think about UGG boots with shorts? Do you wear Crocs?” So while this isn’t your classic “fashion tell all interview” you’ll be surprised to hear Robbie’s candid (and hysterical) answers on a few topics.

To further prove how little I know about fashion, when he talks about blazers being a wardrobe staple I heard ‘chenille’ which is why I said that chenille reminded me of my mom. But when I edited the video I realized he wasn’t saying ‘chenille’ he was saying ‘Chanel’. I was having a hard time wrapping my head around such a handsome fashionable man getting excited about affordable chenille blazers, THEN IT ALL MADE SENSE LATER. First of all my apologies to Coco and congrats to my mom, Robbie Laughlin believes you wear Chanel blazers because your daughter is a fashion dunce.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

The fashion show afterwards featured several different themes including sportswear inspired (racing stripes! sneaker booties!), winter whites (by far my most favorite), English countryside inspired looks (think red and black plaid, tweed, hunter green and tall, flat riding boots), animal inspired prints and patterns (leopard print! feathers! owl embellishments!) and super luxe trends with lots of faux fur, gold and sparkle. Another big trend this fall? Lacquered, patterned, colored denim. Who knows if you’ll see me in snakeskin print skinny jeans this fall, but know this, you won’t be seeing me in a chenille blazer.


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