Your Child, Your Problem: What Non-Parents Wish Parents Understood

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Yes, babies are cute and being a parent is one of the best jobs on the planet, but I have a news flash that you may find shocking: Your baby is special only to you. Okay and maybe grandparents too. Let me explain.

The other day I ran a guest post on my site from a woman named Linda Vescio, called, Your Child, Your Choice.. The 5 Things Non-Parents Want Parents To Know.” Linda is a businesswoman who admits she never wanted to be a mother having watched her own mother and the struggles she went through. According to Linda, your kids will never be as special to someone else as they are to you. She prefers playing the roll of fun aunt and feels like she’s missing nothing by being childless.

Believe it or not, I agree with every single thing she said … and I’m a mother! I’d like to think it’s because I was always one of those parents who instinctively understood that what I had done by making and birthing another individual (well two actually) was not unique.

So let me echo Linda and say YES! Here are 5 things parents should realize about non-parents:

  • Strangers Are Not Required to Help You 1 of 5
    Strangers Are Not Required to Help You
    Yep. I totally get this and it doesn't make me a bad person, either. Even when my kids were small, I never expected help from anyone. I would hope, however, that compassion would kick in and they'd lend a hand but I understood if they didn't want to ride the subway with spit-up on their suit. photo credit: Ed Yourdon
  • The Public Is Not Your Babysitter 2 of 5
    The Public Is Not Your Babysitter
    If your kid is pitching a fit in a quiet place and disturbing others, take him/her outside. Yes, you paid for a ticket. Yes, you deserve to enjoy the play too. But can you really do that when your kid is screaming in that pitch just below what dogs can hear? You don't have to apologize either; it happens and most reasonable people will understand. Unless you insist on exercising your right to make everyone around you as miserable as your child. photo credit: mireilledelisle
  • People Don’t Really Want to Hear About Your Kids 24/7 3 of 5
    People Don't Really Want to Hear About Your Kids 24/7
    Oh.My.GOD give it a rest! From one mother to another please remember how to sip a glass of wine and talk about people, politics, foreign policy, anything but poop! If you're worried about the color, call your pediatrician but not right there, over a plate of happy hour nachos. photo credit: Ginny Washburne
  • Non-parents Are Not Idiots 4 of 5
    Non-parents Are Not Idiots
    Well most of them anyway. They can probably figure our how to hold a baby without dropping him/her so how about giving them the benefit of the doubt? Relax! And be glad someone wants to give you a break. photo credit Victoria Shade
  • You’re Secretly Jealous of Non-parents Sometimes 5 of 5
    You're Secretly Jealous of Non-parents Sometimes
    Me thinks thou doth protest too much. I secretly think some parents say this to convince themselves that all aspects of parenting are storybook wonderful. This mom can assure you they are not. photo credit:

To read Linda’s original list, check out these 5 ways parents need to manage their expectations.

Tell me in the comments: What do you think non-parents should realize about parents and vice versa? 


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