Your Favorite Real Housewife Determines Your Cruise Destination

Okay, you want to go on a cruise because you’ve read all my fabulous cruise posts but oh my God! Where to go? Never fear. I have done the hard work for you. Just pick your favorite housewife from the Real Housewives franchise and I have matched them with  your perfect vacation spot. Go on, do it.







  • Kandi Burrus 1 of 9
    Kandi Burrus
    Do you love RHOA's Kandi the sassy singer songwriter who wrote the classic party tune "Tardy For the Party" (even though Kim never paid her for it?) Well then I say you set sail for Alaska. Kandi is down to earth and with amazing scenery you're sure to be inspired to compose a hit song or just get away from drama for awhile.
  • Vicki Gunvalson 2 of 9
    Vicki Gunvalson
    Is Vicki your favorite woo hoo'er? Then I think the Bahamas/Florida is the best destination for you. Vicki loves Lake Havasu and the Bahamas seems like a more tropical party lake to me. So grab your best gals and get wild on the coast of Florida. But leave Brooks at home. JMO.
  • Caroline Manzo 3 of 9
    Caroline Manzo
    If you love Caroline then you probably like to stay close to home and family. Plus, you love Italian food and very possibly historical landmarks. Doesn't Caroline seem like she would enjoy things that are historical as opposed to getting plastered on beach drinks? Exactly. So if you relate to Caroline, Bermuda is for you.
  • Lisa Vanderpump 4 of 9
    Lisa Vanderpump
    Do you have a penchant for breezy British humour? Also, do you spell humour with an extra "u?" Then you are probably a lot like Lisa. She strikes me as outwardly blingy but inwardly proper and cultured which is a lot like New England -except without the outward bling and with more LL Bean. Canada/New England is full of history and culture plus I imagine great wine. But then again, I often imagine great wine since I can't actually drink it anymore. Speaking of wine...
  • Ramona Singer 5 of 9
    Ramona Singer
    When I think of Ramona, I think of a party. And when I think of a party, I think of the Caribbean. Maybe because I've been there and I danced a lot and enjoyed delicious drinks including Red Stripe beer and Pina Coladas. So if you're a fun loving party girl like Ramona, you'll want your vacation to reflect your attitude. Set sail for the Caribbean immediately! But don't ask for Ramona pinot grigio because I don't think it's made it off the mainland just yet.
  • Countess LuAnn de Lesseps 6 of 9
    Countess LuAnn de Lesseps
    Obviously right? If you love to call people "Darling" this is the perfect place. Kiss everyone on both cheeks and experience beautiful cities, tons of culture and possibly some French cuisine. Who knows? Maybe LuAnn will actually be on your cruise with her boyfriend Jaque AKA David Schwimmer. Stranger things have happened.
  • Nene Leakes 7 of 9
    Nene Leakes
    You know you love Nene. She's colorful, loud and loves to have a good time. Hawaii is a perfect place for a Nene personality. Truth be told, this would be my choice too. I love pineapple, sugar cane and the whole vibe of Hawaii. Nene and I are planning our vacation there in my mind as I write this. Won't you join us?
  • Tamra Barney 8 of 9
    Tamra Barney
    If you love Tamra, get aboard a boat to the Mexican Riviera. Tamra loves a good margarita and some guacamole. This is what I love about Tamra. She actually seems to eat even though she's skinny. Plus, the girl is spicy as all get out and speaks her mind. This describes the Mexican Riviera to a T. Bonus if you have a boyfriend who wears a lot of Ed Hardy. I feel like Mexican food and Ed Hardy have a lot in common: they're both cheesy! See what I did there? Truthfully, Mexico makes me think of fiestas, fish tacos and relaxation which is why I'm sure Tamra likes it too. She has four kids for crying out loud. She needs a break!
  • Adrienne Maloof 9 of 9
    Adrienne Maloof
    I didn't forget you Adrienne fans. The Pacific coast is for you. Adrienne is very busy and very much a California girl which means she probably doesn't like to go too far from home. Well, if you take a cruise up the Pacific coast and you live out west you'll never have to go far to experience amazingly beautiful scenery, peaceful weather (Adrienne doesn't enjoy drama with her friends or her weather) and all the spa time you can handle. So go for it!

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